Yay! My own personal blog! I’m so excited for this blog because I have a lot of things in my head right now. I could certainly use a place to vent out. This page will be mostly about my personal interests but I will mix it up with random stuff along the way.

My first idea for this blog is to incorporate my knowledge of tarot in my life. I’m currently doing a tarot journal offline but I could share some of it here for others to see. I think it will be a good way of interacting with other tarot enthusiasts and those who are curious. I want this to be a positive blog and I wish people who reads them will not judge the content that I will be putting here. I’m making this blog out of good intention and I hope to receive feedback, comments and suggestions on how to improve my website. I know building a blog from the ground up is hard since there are thousands of popular blogs out there already but my only goal is to share my thoughts and connect with people with the same interests as mine.

So what’s my agenda? I want to make a website with a sense of simplicity in mind. I want an uncluttered look and feel. I have longed to keep a nice website but sometimes life happens and you get busy with other things. I love to write and share my opinions with others. I remember having my first website at Talk City. It was since I was in high school. But for some reason, the site developed problems and bugs and I got tired of it. Then I made a themed website about Tomb Raider. At that time (and still is), I’m very addicted to playing Tomb Raider. I studied basic html codes and learned how to find and connect with other fans and was able to bring up my own site called “Tomb Raider X’s” which focuses on the extra stuff you would want to learn about Lara Croft. I remember having a very successful forum in that site. I miss that!

This site will give me another chance in keeping up a website. I’ve been an on and off blogger but I think wordpress will keep it interesting for me. This is going to be exciting!

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