Bodhi Tree

I just love this new age bookstore here in West Hollywood. Patrick and I spent most of our day here. While he was browsing for books, I took the liberty of scanning all the tarot decks available in the store. There are a number to choose from and all decks have a reader copy so you can actually look at the cards and have a feel for them. I saw a couple of tarot decks that I might buy in the future. One of the decks that I found amusing is the Fantastical Tarot Deck. It has a little spooky look to it, but the art inside is not as scary. Another card which caught my fancy is the Connolly Tarot Deck which has bright colorings. I think it’s a nice addition to my steady-growing collection.

I can’t believe that I just started learning the tarot last month and I already have two decks at home. I like playing with them both but I seem to be attracted easily by art from other decks too. I read that if a deck speaks or attracts you in some way, it may come useful in the future. Maybe it doesn’t resonate now, but it will be of use someday. I do believe in meaningful coincidences and that’s why tarot reading is so famous to me.

There are thousands of decks out there. And since I’m new at this, I already missed on a lot of OOP (out of print) decks. There is this card which really got into me… it’s called Phoenix Tarot, but they’re hard to find now and they cost so much more. I saw some pictures of it online and they look very cheerful. That’s something I’m looking for in a deck right now. I want something that is not too dark. I have the Deviant Moon and I like it, but I want to mix it up with something bright from time to time.

I have other decks in mind like the Thoth, the Fey Tarot, the Mystic Fairy Tarot and the Art Nouveau. But I can’t buy them all right away. I need to practice patience!

2 thoughts on “Bodhi Tree

  1. Haha, I get really excited, too, to get tarot decks I’d fall in love with at first sight, whether online or otherwise.

    I changed my mind about the Art Nouveau deck, but I’m re-considering the Thoth.

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