Overcoming Obstacles Spread

I got this spread layout from the forums of Aeclectic Tarot.

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This is how the cards are positioned:

1 – Querent (Me)
2/3 – Obstacles
4/5 – What needs to be resolved.
6/7 – Where I’m going.
8 – Possible Result

My Interpretation:
1 – In the Two of Swords, it shows I’m pretending that everything is fine. I’m blinded by my current situation. The card looks like it has two people in it, but they’re the same one. They are arguing. The other one doesn’t want to do anything and just relax. The other one wants to find work. I keep telling myself that I don’t need a job right now because I’m going for a vacation, but I need to open my eyes to the truth (and facts) being (A) My money is depleting, (B) My country is dealing and recovering from an awful disaster and its not a good time to visit, (C) I desire prosperity and what I’m doing right now is not helping.

2 & 3 – The Three of Swords symbolizes my feelings of being betrayed. I was recently released from my contract, which was based from an unfair decision. And this has put so much weight on my ego. I’m doing my best to get over it and move on. Maybe this is what the Chariot is telling me. I need to focus on what is at hand.

4 & 5 – The Ten of Swords is showing a person who is hiding because of fear. This is what I need to overcome so I don’t end up being trapped with financial misery. I need to face the music and find a new and better job… something that empowers job satisfaction and supportive environment. I see the Five of Swords as an environment of deceit, trickery and unfairness. This card reminds me of my last job and that is what I need to let go.

6 & 7 – This is where I’m heading. I need to make a bold move like the Knight of Swords. I need to bring back my mojo! The Five of Wands shows a little competition in finding the perfect job. In this card, I see other people are seeking for this job too so I need to bring my A game.  It may also mean that I need to fight my own inner demons in order to progress and develop.

8 – The World card looks like a good omen. It shows completion and a positive sign that I will find what I am looking for.

Other things I’ve noticed in my spread is the ridiculous number of swords. Which might mean a very active mental block. Maybe this is what’s needed to be focused on. I need to breakthrough the negative thinking.

There is also a missing suit: the pentacles (element of earth which symbolizes money, health and stability). This is what I’m after in my current situation and right now, it needs great attention.

I appreciate any ideas and suggestions on my reading. Thanks!

Note:  Images are from the Deviant Moon by Patrick Valenza.

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