My Tarot Journey

What will I learn or gain from my tarot journey?

Using my Legacy of the Divine Tarot, I laid out these cards:

Knight of Coins | 9 of Coins | 10 of Coins

I was amazed how they were all coins or pentacles. The coins resemble the physical and material aspect of life. It also symbolizes stability and practicality. My cards are very strong in saying that my tarot journey will keep me grounded and centered.

The Knight of Coins is telling me that the tarot will be a useful resource for me. It will be a dependable and powerful tool when I need answers and insights on different subjects. It also suggests that my learning of the tarot will be a slow and steady progress. In this journey, I must be patient because I will not learn everything at once. Tarot is an interpretative art and is a mix of studies (astrology, numerology, symbology, and other forms of divination). I need to keep in mind that tarot is a life-long study.

The Nine of Coins is telling me that the tarot will train me to be more objective. I got this idea from the picture where the lady seems to be training the bird in her right hand. Another aspect of the card is material gain or prosperity. It may suggest that in the future, I could actually use my intuitive skills in reading professionally and reach good financial wealth from it.

The 10 of Coins is showing a treasure box that was opened by a golden key. The box is full of coins, gems and other trinkets. On top of the box lays two red roses. I’m associating the tarot as the keys to the secrets in life. I need to continue my desire to learn (as depicted by the red roses) so that in the future, I will be able to understand the tarot in a much deeper level and discover the things that are hidden from me (the subconscious).

A Warning

Today’s cards (using legacy of the divine tarot) are:

Ace of Swords | Queen of Wands | Six of Swords

The Ace of Swords signifies mental clarity. The sky is being cleared off of the dark clouds. This might indicate a new idea coming up.

The next card shows a determined/confident woman looking straight at me with strong intent. She wants to do something. And when a Queen of Wands wants to do something, no one can get in her way. I hope she’s not mad at me.

The Six of Swords is telling me that she’s planning on traveling somewhere. Maybe she wants to visit someone. Is she going to visit me? Is she going to take me somewhere?

The cards today are a bit mysterious. I can’t wait how the day would transpire.



In my reading earlier today, I thought the cards were telling me that I will be having a surprise get-together with a friend. I was very excited and I was actually waiting for someone to call me. But to no avail, nobody called nor texted about any events tonight.

While my prediction didn’t occur, the same cards still made an impact today.

The Ace of Swords is an element of air. Air means conflict or problems. It’s also good to note that a sword has two edges. One side means peace of mind, while the other means stress or conflict. Judging today’s events, I had both energies. In a way, this card was advising me to keep alert.

I have to keep reminding myself that the court cards are genderless. If I draw a king, it doesn’t necessarily mean a guy. Instead, I have to look for the qualities of the court card. In this case, the Queen of Wands appeared as a traffic police officer. I was pulled over this morning by this cop. I opened the windows, greeted the officer and politely/innocently asked what I did wrong. Apparently, I crossed a street with a “Turn Right Only” sign. I honestly told him I didn’t see it… I also added I’m new to the area, which is true. I still have an Arizona plate number and Arizona license registration. (But seriously, where was that sign because I didn’t see it!). At this time, I was thinking… if he represents the Queen of Wands, I better be nice. I do not want to F with him! I know that the Queen of Wands can be commanding and intimidating but she can also be generous, if treated fairly.

For some reason, after handing him my license and registration, he just briefly looked at my papers and said “Just go.”, while shaking his head a little (He may even have rolled his eyes too if only he didn’t have any shades….). I got the impression that maybe it’s not worth both his and my time to be going through this. The street that I crossed has barely any traffic and safety is not a big concern. And this is where I see the Six of Swords. Him letting me go from conviction. The card implies flight or going from a bad situation to a better situation. While still understanding what happened, I simply thanked him and drove slowly away. This event also reminded me of The Wheel from yesterday. Maybe I’m still carrying the good luck of that card until today.

So note to self: When swords appear in the reading, make sure to be extra careful with your surroundings. Practice and continue being alert. And be nice to cops!

The Gift

For today, I pulled The Wheel from my Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti.

The card shows the fool jumping, climbing, falling and hanging on to the wheel. This shows that the wheel is not steady at all. It’s moving and constantly changing.

This reminds me of a Filipino proverb which my mom keeps telling me, “Ang buhay ay parang gulong, minsan nasa ibabaw, minsan nasa ilalim.”. The english translation is “Life is like a wheel, sometimes (you’re) at the top, sometimes (you’re) at the bottom.”. This saying has a strong influence on me. I knew early on that the only thing constant in life is change. Sometimes that change is sudden, sometimes it’s gradual but in general, life is unpredictable.

I didn’t have any plans today. But I was invited for lunch by Patrick. I’m always game for anything so I drove to Westwood. I almost didn’t go because I’m not at all prepared and the traffic is notorious in LA especially around lunch time… I do not know why. Anyway, I got there just in time and we spent lunch at this little park with aviary. There’s also a farmer’s market going on so I checked the booths out. I saw this neat Tibetan Singing Bowl. It’s a medium-sized bowl and it fits perfectly in my hand. I knew I have to own it. She gave me a good deal and to top it off, she gave me a free little red Buddha for luck. I didn’t expect this to happen! This little gesture of hers made me think of The Wheel card today. I gave her a hug after that. She was a sweet lady.

Here’s a picture of my goodies today:


Singing Bowl, Buddha and a White Sage mist.

Tarot Exaggeration

For today, I did a three-card position-less spread. I was inspired by Tarot Eon‘s blog about using nothing but your intuition and looking at the bigger picture.


Just by looking at these cards, I can summarize the day as having disappointment (3 of Swords), physical pain (The Tower), and the need to be strong (9 of Wands).

Today I went for my physical. I was expecting that they will be drawing some blood so that would symbolize The Tower. Nobody likes needles, even nurses do not like getting stuck by needles. The 3 of Swords/disappointment came up when my phlebotomist didn’t get the vein in her first try. She had to wiggle around inside my arm to find it. I’m just glad she was using a butterfly instead of that huge scary needle syringe. But of course, the patience and perseverance of the 9 of Wands helped me get through this.

Sometimes the cards are so playful that certain readings like this would bring a heart attack. Good thing my cards have the same humour as I have. LOL.

Note: Tarot deck is Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti. Scanned pics used with permission.

Spare Change

Still using my Legacy of the Divine Tarot.  I pulled the 5 of Coins for my day card.  In the picture, there is a girl who is asking for alms.  When I saw this, I quickly thought on how to apply this today.  I clearly do not want to be in that position.  Was it a warning?

Then I remembered my bad experience from my parking last week. I remember having just enough coins for the parking meter. I know that my recruiter said that my parking will be validated but I still packed some coins just to be prepared.

I came to the hospital and did my drug screening. I took my time wandering since they gave me a free day parking. When I was ready to leave, I showed them my validation and the guy told me that they do not accept that validation. They said the other parking lot (lot 2) was the one for Cedars… the place I was parked was for Pacific Theatre customers only. Sigh. It’s in the same building but I didn’t argue. I knew it was coming.

After paying them cash (since they don’t accept credit), I realized I only have a dollar left in my wallet. Pity.

So note to self: bring cash whenever you pull the 5 of pentacles. There might be some unexpected payments or spending that needs to be done.

Dia De Los Muertos!

I went to Hollywood Forever Cemetery yesterday in celebrating Dia De Los Muertos. This is my first time to attend such a special event and I am so happy about it. It was so magical! People made their own altars and decorated them with such beauty! I’m sure their relatives who have passed away enjoyed the celebration as much as the visitors.

We came in a little late so my friends and I missed the procession. But other than that, we still enjoyed the rest of the program. It was really fun enjoying the arts and culture of Mexicans. I felt annoyed when I realized that my camera has no memory card in it. I could have gotten some sick photos of the event. I’m just glad my friend brought his!

Here are some pictures from the event (taken by my friend Paul):


Just one of the beautiful altars in the cemetery.



Some skull decoratives that are for sale.



One of the dancers during that night.


Anyway, while we were heading out, I passed by this booth with pictures of cards. Being the tarot freak that I am, I can’t help but appreciate them. I silently peeked and asked what they were. They obviously aren’t tarot. The guy said they’re called Lotería. It’s a mexican game similar to bingo. The only difference is that they use pictures instead of numbers. It was very fascinating. I have good memories with bingo because that is my grand ma’s favorite past time. While it is not the same, I thought it was very creative so I bought a set of my own. He gave me a good deal for it too. Here is a picture of my new purchase and a link to his blog: Loteria Gonzalez.


Loteria - a Mexican game of chance.

Successful Tarot Spell

I am happy to conclude that my tarot spell about finding a job worked! I started the spell last Friday (October 16, 2009) and I got a job offer last Tuesday (October 20, 2009). It took only four days! Four days! How magickal is that?

I only did minimal work. I applied to two hospitals. One of them didn’t call me until yesterday. While the other one just went smoothly. I had the interview last Monday and after the that, the educator showed me to the Human Resources. The lady said I just need to complete a profile and she’ll get in touch with me as soon as they get a salary quote. It was such a relief knowing that they are interested.

Later that day, I got a call from them with a really good offer. Of course, I accepted it!

I consider this a huge blessing from the universe. I am so happy! This is my first tarot spell and I will never forget it.


On a different subject: My Venetian mask for Halloween has arrived! I picked it up from UPS last night and I think it’s beautiful! It fits my face really well. I just need to get an accompanying cape and I’m all set! Here is a picture:


Columbine Baroque - Visions of Venice

I got it online from Visions of Venice. They have a ton of masks to choose from. At first I was thinking of getting the Bauta Emperor Mask but I think it’s a bit pricey so I went with the Colombine Baroque (Silver) Mask instead. It’s a very handsome mask, too bad I don’t have a velveteen coat to go with it. But I have an alternative… I’m just gonna find something in a local costume store and get one of those cheap black capes… it will work one way or another… LOL.

Facing Your Fears

Warning: My entry is from the book “What’s in the cards for you?” by Mark McElroy. If you don’t want spoilers from the book, please don’t proceed. Thanks.

The book asked to pick a card to signify my greatest fear. I chose between the 10 of Swords and The Tower. For me, these two are probably the most bothersome cards in the tarot (not death nor devil). My fear closely resembles The Tower so I picked it as my significator. The fear in my mind is about the future of my relationship with my parents. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to meet their expectations. Every time I talk with them over the phone, my mom silently implies that they’re getting old and they’re worried that nobody would take care of them. She fears that they will end up in a caregiver’s attention instead of me. I love them so much but I don’t have the answer to this question yet. We live hundred miles apart and some beliefs clash and I’m still having a hard time constructing a stable solution.

The Tower – Tarot Significator
The picture shows a tower being hit by some sort of asteroid. One leg that supports the structure is starting to fall apart and thus destroying the tower. My family is based on a good foundation of love and trust. This is how I see my family. But my fear is that this foundation is not strong enough.

After I shuffled the cards extensively and cut it into three piles, I randomly drew The Queen of Wands, 10 of Swords, and Ace of Swords.

Queen of Wands – Why does this frighten me?
The Queen of Wands strongly reminds me of my mom. I respect my mom’s opinion very much. Her words and advice gives weight in a lot of my decisions. She took really good care of me when I was growing up and I feel that it’s my job to return the favor now that they’re getting old. I owe her that much. I love her so much that I’m not afraid to say that I’m a mama’s boy. LOL. It’s just how it is. Now what frightens me is not meeting her expectations.

10 of Swords – What I need to realize to go past this fear?
Whatever tarot deck you choose, the 10 of Swords will always depict a painful message. In Legacy of the Divine Tarot (by Ciro Marchetti), it shows a guy being pierced by 10 swords. This card is basically telling me that if I don’t stop thinking about this fear, it will affect my current situation emotionally, mentally and physically.  Keeping this fear is like living in a false future.  It’s like torture.

Ace of Swords – What can I do to begin to move beyond this fear?
Ace means beginning. Swords symbolize mentality. The simple answer for my fear is clearing my thoughts. Start fresh. Clear your mind. Disregard the painful past and false/imagined future. I need to live today and build my relationship with my family from the ground up and give a better alternate (possible) future.

Ignoring Responsibilities


The Devil - Deviant Moon

Question: What needs attention today?

Answer: The Devil is an unhealthy living situation. My apartment is a mess right now. I’ve been neglecting my space and it needs some cleaning. My laundry is on the couch, unfolded. Dishes in the sink, unwashed. Books and papers and other stuff scattered in every corner. Responsibilities are obviously being ignored here. I need to do some serious organization. Aside from my apartment obligations, I have other things to face too. I need to update my address in my credit cards, driver’s license, registrations, insurance… ugh! So much work to do. I also need to call some people who owes me money and let them know that I’m still alive. Hello! Those appliances aren’t for free you know… (FYI: I had a foreclosure last month and asked friends/neighbors if they want to buy them for me. And since I’m out of state, I told them to just send me a check.)

Advice to self: Take baby steps. Call your insurance now and update your address. Wash the dishes. Watch television. Fold the clothes. Watch a movie. Then schedule something important tomorrow, like going to DMV and updating your driver’s license. Then take a nap. Simple rewards in between ‘to do’ things will probably motivate me. Hope this works!

Note: Deck is Deviant Moon by Patrick Valenza. Images used with permission.

The Interview


5 of Wands - Deviant Moon

I consider this an important day for me. Before I went to my interview today, I pulled a card to see what lies ahead. Opening my heart to the truth, I pulled the 5 of wands. I didn’t feel alarmed but I did remember this card coming up in my Obstacles Spread. I guess this is really a part of my journey to get a job. I realized that I need to give my best in order to achieve my goal. In the 5 of Wands, it is showing a red rose standing on top of a hill, and 4 people going at it for the prize. I’m proving myself to get something I really want.

I was worried this morning because I can’t seem to find parking and it’s like 5 minutes till my appointment. Their parking lot has valet but when I asked the guy if he can take my car… he said they only valet visitors. I told him that I’m considered a visitor because I’m not an employee yet. But he made reasons that really annoyed me. He reminded me of my card today. The good thing is, I found a metered parking space outside.

I got in the interview in time. She said she was on the phone with someone and apologized for not seeing me exactly at 10 AM. The universe was working with me this time. And it actually gave me goosebumps.

When I pulled the 5 of wands, I also wondered if it might be a panel interview. I was right. The nurse educator and charge nurse interviewed me. Although I had a bad experience from an old panel interview, this was different. I had a sense of good vibe from them. No bad juju whatsoever. I felt light and comfortable and I think I did a good job of presenting myself. I was prepared… I’m dressed well, I have extra copies of my resume, and I’m showing proper body language (leaning forward, not crossing my arms, nodding and answering only what is asked). Long story short, they seem interested. They showed me to the Human Resources to talk more about other requirements. I feel really good today. The parking posed a little challenge but I won’t take it any other way. It raised my heart a little bit that I was excited all through out the interview.

The card was so meaningful today, but the day is not over yet. I hope the energy of the 5 of wands is done for the day.

On another note. My candle that I bought from Panpipes is still burning. I used it in part of my tarot spell. I think the energy surrounding it is so powerful. I just feel it. Today, I received a text from a friend that there’s another job opening at UCLA. While it gives me another option, I think I will concentrate first on Cedars.

Note: Deck is Deviant Moon by Patrick Valenza. Images used with permission.