What a Special Day!

I’m so proud to announce that I won Tarot Eon’s free celtic cross reading for the month of September! This is such a good start for October. I haven’t received his reading yet but I will post it when it’s done.

For the meantime… I wanna share my daily 2-card reading with you guys.

world knightcups

It’s so nice to see the World card again today. She appeared in my “Obstacles Spread” a few days ago in the position of “outcome”. Now I’m wondering if that outcome was today…

The World to me symbolizes completion, evaluation and using one’s own experiences into good use. The Knight of Cups is simply an offer of opportunity.

Today, I accepted a “per diem” shift at a local surgery center. A “per diem” is not a full time or part time job, it’s a job where you come in “only” if you’re needed… meaning there is not enough staff for the day so you’re requested to come. I have never worked in a surgery center before and this is a new experience for me. The card was right… it was like a whole new world. I’m used to seeing multiple operating rooms and busy colleagues but this place was smaller and calmer. As I’ve thought about the good things about this place, I kind of realized that this place is not for me. It’s so weird. It’s like a revelation.

I may sound arrogant or picky, but I’m really looking for something better. While working today, my mind was evaluating my past experiences and desires. I remember before that I was deeply dedicated in trying the travel nursing gig. It sounded so exciting and carefree (reminds me of the Fool) that it really motivated me to do it. And now I’m here. I have all these experiences that I have learned from different hospitals. I have a clearer perspective and understanding on how my career works. Like the mermaid in “The World” card and the knight in the “Knight of Cups”, my experiences transformed my whole being. I have evolved.

Now looking back, I wonder what made me do “Travel Nursing” in the first place. I know it wasn’t just luck. There was a plan. So I dissected it and realized that the key here is “motivation”. In order for me to get back in track and get a full time job, I need to believe in myself. It’s time to pick up myself and move on. The least I can do is try. But I will do it nonetheless.


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