My New Deck

I just got my new (but used) Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti.  I ordered it from Aeclectic Tarot’s trading section and I got it for a discounted price.  The deck looks fairly new, but the box shows that it’s been worn out a little.

I re-arranged the cards and separated the major arcana from the minor arcana.  It was fun looking at the pictures.  It’s very modern and futuristic.  The fact that the cards has been used makes it friendly to me. But even though I like the cards as it is, I still cleansed them with sandalwood incense.

While I was organizing the cards, I noticed a really cool card.  It’s the Death Card.  Usually you will see a horrific visual of Pan but this card looks so sexy and hot.  =D  I don’t think I would mind even if I get it in one of my readings…. lol.

After doing my little ritual, I shuffled the cards again and asked, “What is your favorite card?”.  I shuffled and cut them and I pulled the one on top and it showed me the Six of Pentacles.

Maybe since this deck was sold to me, it feels like he’s sharing something good to me.  I think it’s a really good sign.


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