Full Harvest Moon

Tonight is the Full Moon in Aries, October 3, 2009 around 11:11 PM (Pacific Time). I will light a candle and offer a welcoming prayer. The waxing phase is ahead and it’s a good time to pray for abundance and prosperity again.

As for later, I will do a “Monthly Overview” tarot spread that was introduced in the Aeclectic Tarot forums. This spread was brought to my attention by Ginger from Once Upon a Time… Enchanted Fairty Tales.  The spread will look like this:



1 – Month Overview
2 – Overview of Friendships this month
3 – Overview of Relationships/Love life this month
4 – Overview of Work/Academics this month
5 – Positive Energies entering this month
6 – Potential Obstacles of this month
7 – Advice for the month

That spread is for tonight. And while I’m still here in Patrick’s apartment… and I don’t have my deviant moon with me, I will use his Osho Zen for my theme card of the day… and voila!… I got the Laziness Card.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This card shows a guy who’s sitting comfortably in his chair and just enjoying the moment. He’s not worried about anything but behind him, a glass is breaking. There are also birds in the air which symbolizes tasks and adventures. This reminds me to not forget my priorities. I know it’s the weekend but I shouldn’t just focus on leisure. I love my inner guide…


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