Kylie’s Concert

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Card of the Day: The Fool

Nothing can better explain this day but The Fool.  When I pulled this, I knew it was all about fun and adventure today! My friend from San Francisco came to visit for Kylie Minogue’s concert in Hollywood Bowl. He has an extra ticket and he sold it to me for a much cheaper price.

Earlier today, we drove to the Hollywood sign (in Ledgewood). My friend Paul showed us a somewhat hidden path to get close-up pictures. I was so amazed how close we got. Now I know where to take my friends and families when they come to visit.

Then afterwards, we went to Beverly Hills and took some photos. The Rodeo Drive is walking distance from there and we checked it out too. We were just window shopping but it was fun!


Then the biggest event of the day was Kylie’s concert! It was jam-packed! It’s been a while since I watched a concert and this was really amazing. His friend Andrea was also an avid fan and is closely connected to Kylie and she got us some special seats! Just a few rows away from the stage…. that was an awesome surprise for us!! It’s unbelievable!


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