Hello October

Here is my overview for October. The spread is from Aeclectic Forums. I intentionally pulled this spread during full moon (October 3) to have a mystical meaning. I posted a similar post about this and I would edit this if I find any valuable interpretations from other tarot users. The deck I’m using is still the Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza.

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Layout is as follows:


1. Overview of the month – Queen of Pentacles
It is a month where I will be showing hospitality with friends. It’s been happening already, like yesterday, a friend from San Francisco came to visit. Also this coming week, a friend is having surgery and he asked me to assist him during the day. Aside from this, the Queen of Pentacles is telling me that October’s theme is about finding stability and security.

2. Overview of Friendships – 4 of Swords
I won’t be available as much as I want to be with my friends because I will be focusing on my self (health and finance).

3. Overview of Relationships/Love Life – Page of Pentacles
He is definitely young at heart. The page shows continued support from my boyfriend. This month we will continue to learn more of each other and thus deepening our relationship.

4. Overview of Work – 9 of Wands
While I am still looking for a job. The card tells me not to give up. I have come a long way and there is hope. In this month, I might have to prove myself again (to a possible employer?).

5. Positive Energies Entering This Month – 5 of Swords
This card usually signifies a negative energy but in this position I’m guessing I need to be stronger than usual. Like the figure in the card, he is still standing from the battle. I need to harness strength whatever it takes.

6. Potential Obstacles this Month – 8 of Pentacles
The character seems to be so serious with his job. The card is telling me that I will be busy with something (job-hunting?, work?, projects?) that I might neglect other aspects of life.

7. Advice – 2 of Swords
This card is telling me that I’m being stubborn. I keep thinking too much and weighing everything to the point where it’s getting harder to move on. The advice is to stop doubting yourself and go with whatever your gut is telling you.

Any other interpretations are welcome. Thanks.


3 thoughts on “Hello October

  1. Why, thanks for sharing this spread! I barely have time to browse Aeclectic.com, yikes.

    Yep, the 2 of Swords might just be reminding you that you need to take it easy. Focus more on one thing at a time, if you can. But of course, that’s easier said than done! Haha, good luck anyway!

  2. You’re welcome and thanks Andalusia! I know…. my cards keep telling me to move on! Haha. In most of my daily spreads, it keeps reminding me on what to do. But come Monday I’ll be more active in my job-hunt… haha!

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