Reading for Joe

I was a little bored so I did a 3 card reading for Joe. I used the past-present-future spread. Joe, by the way, is Patrick’s beautiful gray cat with wild, tantalizing green eyes.


I used the Deviant Moon Tarot Deck by Patrick Valenza. I did the reading when he jumped in front of me in the bed. It’s like a live reading for someone… lol.


His past is filled with emotions.  He might be missing his mom right now.  Patrick said that Joe was a little wild when he got him in the shelter.  Maybe he wasn’t getting the attention that he needed there.

The present shows 2 of cups, which simply shows that there is love in his environment. This guarantees that he really likes our company. He’s a very sweet and special cat.

In the future, he would still want us around him. Like the knight of pentacles, he thinks it’s his duty to protect and accompany us.

Anyhooo… today, my order from Book Depository was completed. I received the gay tarot deck and Mark McElroy’s “What’s in the Cards for You?”. I can’t wait to play with the book, it seems interesting. The cards looks nice also, but I’m still attached with my deviant so I’ll postpone the other cards. I really need to stop buying these decks because they’re just laying there. Urgh!


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