Make a Meaning

I’ve thought of sharing my exercises from my new book.  It’s called “What’s in the Cards for you?” by Mark McElroy.  I’m using the Legacy of the Divine Tarot (by Ciro Marchetti) for these exercises.

This exercise is pretty simple… pick a card and define it using your own observation of the card.  I incorporated my daily reading with this exercise and it actually made it more fun.  I got the “Six of Cups”… which I always associate with good old memories.  It reminded me of my friends from elementary and high school.  The picture also refreshed my memory on the first time I flew a kite…. it was in Oklahoma, it was windy and it was the perfect place to fly kites.

For some reason, the card threw me back in time.  I remember being in my younger years, checking my new neighborhood…. smelling and picking up flowers…. blowing cotton grass in the air.  I already knew I was special back then.

The card is telling me to re-connect with my old friends.  I know I’ve been out of touch from most of them.  Even though I’m using social network sites to communicate with them, there’s a part of me that’s saying they’ve moved on.  This made me think… does friendships really come and go?  Does it only last for a certain period of time?

This is something I can reflect on the whole day.  I think my Legacy deck will be a good studying guide for me.  Not only it has great art, it communicates well too.


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