Court Date

Warning: My entry is from the book “What’s in the cards for you?” by Mark McElroy. If you don’t want spoilers from the book, please don’t proceed. Thanks.

I’m still using the Legacy of the Divine Tarot on this exercise.  On today’s exercise, I rated my personal qualities and I ended up with the Queen of Cups. I’m thinking it’s right on the money, a well-intentioned person but emotional… yay! Then I rated Pat’s qualities and I got the King of Swords. I analyzed the situation and considered how different we are and how we could actually make it work.

What is interesting is what I did after this exercise. I shuffled the cards and asked what the day would look like. When I pulled the first card, I got the King of Swords. So I immediately recognize him for Patrick. Then curiously, I pulled another card just to see what’s up. And I pulled the Death card. In my interpretation, there might be a change that will happen in him today… a change that is needed… maybe a new outlook? A new decision perhaps? I’ll keep this in mind for today and see how the day will progress.


Here is my follow up from yesterday’s reading. I have three interpretations for the Death Card.

So we talked about stuff yesterday and it turns out that he was accepted in Cal State University for a masters degree program. But he also said that he’s not going through with it because the tuition fee is unreasonable. He is gonna drop it and will look for other career advancements somewhere else. So that’s one death interpretation.

The second death was my stagnant thinking… we talked about my situation again and for some reason I felt empowered and now I have a better outlook. Things are looking up.

The third death was more of a humor from my tarot deck. We went to a birthday dinner with a friend of ours in El Conquistador in Silverlake. It’s a cute little mexican restaurant and it’s all decorated for Halloween. And inside, there’s a towering figure of Santa Muerte… I thought it was cool. I didn’t realize it yet though. Then after this, we went to MJ’s Bar and I saw another picture and that’s when I remembered my tarot reading for the day… I kinda smiled when I saw it. =D

Here’s the Picture:


MJ's bar in Silverlake


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