A Simple Strategy

Warning: My entry is from the book “What’s in the cards for you?” by Mark McElroy. If you don’t want spoilers from the book, please don’t proceed. Thanks.

For today, I have to write a short or long term personal goal. I wrote “I want to be employed again”. So I drew a card from my legacy deck and got the 10 of Wands. I’m not so surprised anymore whenever I see this card. It appeared in several of my readings already (as a possible outcome). But for this draw, it’s more of a suggestion. It’s telling me to keep moving forward, continue what I’m doing because I can do it. From the picture, I can see the struggle and effort of the guy with carrying his burdens from his past and his present, but he’s not giving up.

This proves to be very meaningful today. My plan for today is to find a placement agency. And if I cannot find one, then I will go directly to a human resource and inquire myself. Huge step today.


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