Personality Development

Warning: My entry is from the book “What’s in the cards for you?” by Mark McElroy. If you don’t want spoilers from the book, please don’t proceed. Thanks.

In this exercise, I pulled three cards:

3 of Swords | Page of Swords | Knight of Wands

What needs attention right now? 3 of Swords
This means my heart still needs healing. I’ve been taking time off for myself for a while now and I know some part of my dilemma has healed already. But there are still other reasons why I’m still feeling depressed. Some of them are hidden and unknown. It’s deep within myself. I need to do some meditation on this.

What is the benefit of improving it? Page of Swords
This means that once I discover the other causes of my wounded heart, I will be able to acquire the energy of the Page of Swords. And by this, I will be able to open myself to learning new things and be more confident again. I will also gain fresh and new outlook in life once I take time to improve this situation.

What’s a simple strategy to improve it? Knight of Wands
As a Knight of Wands, he wants to make sure that I empower myself. He is the source of fire in the wands… the desire and will. He doesn’t hesitate. His simple advice would be, “Take note of your past experiences, take the good and leave the bad. Remember your strength, remember who you are.”.


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