Dream a Little Dream

Warning: My entry is from the book “What’s in the cards for you?” by Mark McElroy. If you don’t want spoilers from the book, please don’t proceed. Thanks.

Gosh I almost skipped this exercise because I can’t remember anything. I mean, zero. I know I’m having dreams but I haven’t been remembering them lately.

The only dream I remember was when I was in high school. This has been a recurring dream. In the dream, I’m taking a test/exam. I don’t remember if there’s anybody in the class… I think I’m too focused on my exam that I cannot pass it. I also don’t know what the answers are. Anyway, long story short… I keep stressing until ….. are you ready for this?… I pissed my pants! LOL. And yes, it’s a dream only.

So anyway, I drew cards to dissect my dream. The first was about taking the exam. I pulled the 9 of Coins for this. It’s basically saying that this test is a training for my future. I guess if I pass it or not, depending on it, it will be a ticket to a promising and luxurious future.

The second symbol was the whole stressing thing. So why was I stressing? I pulled the Page of Coins. Another earth element which could mean stability or work. But the Page also symbolizes a young person who’s confident enough but is still learning. I was stressing in my dream because I’m confused on what road to take with my life… at that time, I’m thinking of what to take in college… what my future would be like… things that are overwhelming for a kid to think about.

And for the third symbol in my dream… the result of over-stressing (which is peeing)… The King of Cups! I laughed at this because he’s an element of water! Anyway, he is a man who is in control of his emotions and feelings… but in my dream, it looks like the king didn’t handle the stress. This proves that we shouldn’t take things too seriously or expecting too much of ourselves. Be more realistic in your plans to get better results.


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