Tarot Spells, etc.

I have been submitting applications this week and one of the best hospitals around here called me to schedule an interview.  I will be meeting her on Monday.  I know that in my mind, I’ve been thinking of a new job to manifest.  But I wanted to push this idea forward with the use of tarot spells.

I was reading in Aeclectic Forums about this book of “Tarot Spells” by Janina Renee and I’m curious to buy it. But for now, I don’t feel like buying a new book yet since I’m still pre-occupied with my tarot workbook. For the meantime, I checked out a preview of it from Google Books and found some interesting ideas on how to start a spell.

For this tarot spell, I will combine visualization, meditation, candle work and crystal work. I bought a New Job Ritual Kit from Cauldron Kitty. Inside the kit includes a small orange candle (good for two hours), an orange candle holder with a pentacle engraved in it, and an anointing oil.

For the stone, I used Aventurine to attract prosperity and money. When I did my spell, I charged the stones with both hands and concentrated on how it will communicate its energy with the cards.

As an added touch, I also printed a happy picture of me placed in the center of the altar. This will help focus the energy to center around me. I also surrounded my picture with Ganesh statues to break any obstacles that may come in my way.

In a little piece of paper, I wrote the things that I want manifested and how the cards symbolizes them. The deck I used here is Hanson-Roberts. I chose Ace of Pentacles to give me a new opportunity for a new and better job. For the center card, I chose the Wheel of Fortune to turn my karmic energy from unemployment to employment. I made sure that this card only signifies my job status because I don’t want everything to turn upside down. And the last card is the Four of Wands. I chose this to symbolize a supportive work environment and stability in my future endeavors. After writing them down, I anointed the candle with the oil and burned the little piece of paper. I have my own fire-proof cauldron that I use for burning stuff. And while it was burning, I recited my affirmation for the spell.

Here is a picture of my simple tarot spell set-up:


I think this is going to be a powerful spell. I will carry the stone during my interview so I will feel empowered. After doing this ritual, I realized my altar needs another accessory. I need an altar cover to make it pretty. =D Cauldron Kitty here I go!

2 thoughts on “Tarot Spells, etc.

  1. The idea of tarot spells is intriguing; not something I usually “indulge” in. I can see how the card images could be a powerful visualisation tool for focusing on an idea or even for clarifying an idea to be focused on. And you got great results too!

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