Goodies Galore

So many new stuff this week.  I feel like I’m over-indulging myself.  Is it my fault that there’s a lot of beautiful decks out there?  There’s just too many!  My amazon shopping list is about 90% tarot-related.  Here are pictures of my latest goodies…


Tarot decks, tarot cloth and other trinkets.

So I ordered a book from Amazon called “Tarot for Yourself” by Mary K. Greer. I will start using it after I’m done with Mark McElroy’s workbook. I also ordered The Bright Idea Deck and Tell Me Tarot. I was intrigued by the Bright Idea Deck for a while now so I didn’t shy away from it. I love the color-coded suits and the unique take on the meanings. It’s going to be fun once I start studying that deck. The Tell Me Tarot is another cute deck. It’s a super-simplified version of the RWS. Beginners (such as myself) would love this because it has meanings underneath the picture. I can use this deck as flash cards for memory retention. Then after I’m done with it, I can give it as a gift (or keep it for reference). It’s very limiting for professional or advanced readers so this might not attract them. Another deck that is not in this picture is the Thoth Tarot that I got from photokat of Aeclectic Tarot (Trading Area). It’s hard to find this deck so I grabbed the opportunity when photokat placed an ad on this. I’m just afraid that I’ll have a hard time finding this specific deck once I’m ready for it.


Tarot cloth from

I drove to Panpipes Magickal Marketplace today to checkout their tarot collection. Unfortunately, they don’t have as much collection as I expected. But I did see that they have a tarot cloth that can be of use to me. It’s only $3.50 USD and it’s quite a catch.


Customized candle dressing by Vicky.

This is a picture of the candle I bought from Panpipes. I asked the lady if she can dress it up for me, to make it more customized for my spell. It smells really good! I could just eat it if possible. I didn’t ask what’s in it though, but I trust her enough to know that she’s putting the right stuff.


My new Grrr necklace.

This is what Patrick and I call the Grrr necklace (Grrr because it looks fierce!). LOL. I have a similar necklace only red and smaller (I wear it sometimes when I feel like I need protection). This a gift from Patrick and he got it for me today from a yard sale. It’s just too big, I think. I might just have to keep it for decoration or something. But it’s very very sweet of him.


A lovely angel resin.

This is another gift of his and I like it in spite of its imperfections. These little things are very special. I could add this angel in my future tarot reading area. I saw some really interesting setup at the tarot forum and I’m deeply inspired to make one for myself.


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