Phillies or Dodgers?

Just for fun, I’m gonna give this prediction a go. I have no idea about sports so this prediction is really a hit or miss thing. I’ll be using the Legacy of the Divine Tarot for this exercise. Phillies and LAD are on tonight at 8:07 PM. I won’t be watching it but I’ll check the news later.

So the question is: Who is going to win tonight: The Philadelphia Phillies or LA Dodgers?

Cards are: 10 of Coins | Emperor | Faith

Hmmm, I really don’t know how I should predict this, so I’m going by the color of the cards! I’ll make this short, simple and fun! I noticed I have a fire element (Emperor) and two earth elements (Coins and Faith/Hierophant). Fire is red, coins are green. I will be associating Red with Phillies… so that makes LA Dodgers Green. So why red for Phillies? Because of the color of their logo… LOL.

So anyway, in my simple equation, green overcomes red, which means LA Dodgers will win tonight! Har har. I will check tonight for results. Whatever the outcome is, I have a 50/50 percent chance of guessing this right.


Evening update: LA Dodgers lost. For some reason, I don’t connect with sports at all… even through tarot. I wonder if anybody would interpret this differently. The 10 of coins certainly means someone will overpower the other one. The Emperor and Faith just confused me on this reading. Oh well.


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