The Interview


5 of Wands - Deviant Moon

I consider this an important day for me. Before I went to my interview today, I pulled a card to see what lies ahead. Opening my heart to the truth, I pulled the 5 of wands. I didn’t feel alarmed but I did remember this card coming up in my Obstacles Spread. I guess this is really a part of my journey to get a job. I realized that I need to give my best in order to achieve my goal. In the 5 of Wands, it is showing a red rose standing on top of a hill, and 4 people going at it for the prize. I’m proving myself to get something I really want.

I was worried this morning because I can’t seem to find parking and it’s like 5 minutes till my appointment. Their parking lot has valet but when I asked the guy if he can take my car… he said they only valet visitors. I told him that I’m considered a visitor because I’m not an employee yet. But he made reasons that really annoyed me. He reminded me of my card today. The good thing is, I found a metered parking space outside.

I got in the interview in time. She said she was on the phone with someone and apologized for not seeing me exactly at 10 AM. The universe was working with me this time. And it actually gave me goosebumps.

When I pulled the 5 of wands, I also wondered if it might be a panel interview. I was right. The nurse educator and charge nurse interviewed me. Although I had a bad experience from an old panel interview, this was different. I had a sense of good vibe from them. No bad juju whatsoever. I felt light and comfortable and I think I did a good job of presenting myself. I was prepared… I’m dressed well, I have extra copies of my resume, and I’m showing proper body language (leaning forward, not crossing my arms, nodding and answering only what is asked). Long story short, they seem interested. They showed me to the Human Resources to talk more about other requirements. I feel really good today. The parking posed a little challenge but I won’t take it any other way. It raised my heart a little bit that I was excited all through out the interview.

The card was so meaningful today, but the day is not over yet. I hope the energy of the 5 of wands is done for the day.

On another note. My candle that I bought from Panpipes is still burning. I used it in part of my tarot spell. I think the energy surrounding it is so powerful. I just feel it. Today, I received a text from a friend that there’s another job opening at UCLA. While it gives me another option, I think I will concentrate first on Cedars.

Note: Deck is Deviant Moon by Patrick Valenza. Images used with permission.


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