Ignoring Responsibilities


The Devil - Deviant Moon

Question: What needs attention today?

Answer: The Devil is an unhealthy living situation. My apartment is a mess right now. I’ve been neglecting my space and it needs some cleaning. My laundry is on the couch, unfolded. Dishes in the sink, unwashed. Books and papers and other stuff scattered in every corner. Responsibilities are obviously being ignored here. I need to do some serious organization. Aside from my apartment obligations, I have other things to face too. I need to update my address in my credit cards, driver’s license, registrations, insurance… ugh! So much work to do. I also need to call some people who owes me money and let them know that I’m still alive. Hello! Those appliances aren’t for free you know… (FYI: I had a foreclosure last month and asked friends/neighbors if they want to buy them for me. And since I’m out of state, I told them to just send me a check.)

Advice to self: Take baby steps. Call your insurance now and update your address. Wash the dishes. Watch television. Fold the clothes. Watch a movie. Then schedule something important tomorrow, like going to DMV and updating your driver’s license. Then take a nap. Simple rewards in between ‘to do’ things will probably motivate me. Hope this works!

Note: Deck is Deviant Moon by Patrick Valenza. Images used with permission.


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