Facing Your Fears

Warning: My entry is from the book “What’s in the cards for you?” by Mark McElroy. If you don’t want spoilers from the book, please don’t proceed. Thanks.

The book asked to pick a card to signify my greatest fear. I chose between the 10 of Swords and The Tower. For me, these two are probably the most bothersome cards in the tarot (not death nor devil). My fear closely resembles The Tower so I picked it as my significator. The fear in my mind is about the future of my relationship with my parents. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to meet their expectations. Every time I talk with them over the phone, my mom silently implies that they’re getting old and they’re worried that nobody would take care of them. She fears that they will end up in a caregiver’s attention instead of me. I love them so much but I don’t have the answer to this question yet. We live hundred miles apart and some beliefs clash and I’m still having a hard time constructing a stable solution.

The Tower – Tarot Significator
The picture shows a tower being hit by some sort of asteroid. One leg that supports the structure is starting to fall apart and thus destroying the tower. My family is based on a good foundation of love and trust. This is how I see my family. But my fear is that this foundation is not strong enough.

After I shuffled the cards extensively and cut it into three piles, I randomly drew The Queen of Wands, 10 of Swords, and Ace of Swords.

Queen of Wands – Why does this frighten me?
The Queen of Wands strongly reminds me of my mom. I respect my mom’s opinion very much. Her words and advice gives weight in a lot of my decisions. She took really good care of me when I was growing up and I feel that it’s my job to return the favor now that they’re getting old. I owe her that much. I love her so much that I’m not afraid to say that I’m a mama’s boy. LOL. It’s just how it is. Now what frightens me is not meeting her expectations.

10 of Swords – What I need to realize to go past this fear?
Whatever tarot deck you choose, the 10 of Swords will always depict a painful message. In Legacy of the Divine Tarot (by Ciro Marchetti), it shows a guy being pierced by 10 swords. This card is basically telling me that if I don’t stop thinking about this fear, it will affect my current situation emotionally, mentally and physically.  Keeping this fear is like living in a false future.  It’s like torture.

Ace of Swords – What can I do to begin to move beyond this fear?
Ace means beginning. Swords symbolize mentality. The simple answer for my fear is clearing my thoughts. Start fresh. Clear your mind. Disregard the painful past and false/imagined future. I need to live today and build my relationship with my family from the ground up and give a better alternate (possible) future.


4 thoughts on “Facing Your Fears

  1. Keep in mind that the expectations that we could be meeting c could also be the ones that we set for ourselves, provided that they are reasonable and attainable with focused effort and attention. For this I offer a treatment using the The Bach Flower Oracle Cards:

    CHERRY PLUM – signifies Giving Way to Courage, Reservoirs of Strength and the ability to Relax in your own skin, while giving up intense inner tension and FEAR of losing control.

    Also with the Zen Osho Tarot I pulled Projections (7 Cups) New Vision (The Hanged Man) and Thunderbolt (The Tower). Here, this spread symbolized the crumbling of outmoded, outdated ideas – In its relation in the spread with the Tower being the outcome, it’s the combination the 7 of cups (meaning our desires, choices and conditioning positioned outward) with hanged man (an enlightened perspective) which begins the process of destruction and rebirth. In this regard, I sense the fall from the precipice can have a soft landing as long as decisions are made with love and compassion. Perhaps you could let your parents know that you love them, that you will always be there for them, regardless of your choice – and that they are always welcome to join you in the U.S., if they so choose. This allows freedom of choice for all concerned.

    Lastly, to seal in the positive effects of the treatment, I muscle tested an affirmation from the Maui Flower Essences Essence #5 Reads:

    Essence Name: #5 Heartsease Pansy

    When indecision is the issue, HEARTSEASE PANSY essence re-affirms the promptings of your inner voice and the power of CHOICE.

    • Hi. Thanks for pulling a few cards for me. As a position-less spread, these cards give a good interpretation. As I see it, the 7 of Cups is about separating reality from fantasy (or dream). The reality being: my family is in good condition… nothing is broken. The Hanged Man shows that I’m looking at this fear in a slightly old fashioned way and it’s a bit exaggerated.

      I’m surprised to see The Tower in your reading. In some way, it coincides with my own reading. I like how you interpreted the tower as the old beliefs that are now crumbling.

      And thanks for the Bach Flower oracle reading as well! See you tomorrow!

  2. This is a wonderfully simple spread for confronting fear. I’m definitely trying this one out. Fear is a huge, looming part of what I’m going through on my “tarot journey”.

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