Successful Tarot Spell

I am happy to conclude that my tarot spell about finding a job worked! I started the spell last Friday (October 16, 2009) and I got a job offer last Tuesday (October 20, 2009). It took only four days! Four days! How magickal is that?

I only did minimal work. I applied to two hospitals. One of them didn’t call me until yesterday. While the other one just went smoothly. I had the interview last Monday and after the that, the educator showed me to the Human Resources. The lady said I just need to complete a profile and she’ll get in touch with me as soon as they get a salary quote. It was such a relief knowing that they are interested.

Later that day, I got a call from them with a really good offer. Of course, I accepted it!

I consider this a huge blessing from the universe. I am so happy! This is my first tarot spell and I will never forget it.


On a different subject: My Venetian mask for Halloween has arrived! I picked it up from UPS last night and I think it’s beautiful! It fits my face really well. I just need to get an accompanying cape and I’m all set! Here is a picture:


Columbine Baroque - Visions of Venice

I got it online from Visions of Venice. They have a ton of masks to choose from. At first I was thinking of getting the Bauta Emperor Mask but I think it’s a bit pricey so I went with the Colombine Baroque (Silver) Mask instead. It’s a very handsome mask, too bad I don’t have a velveteen coat to go with it. But I have an alternative… I’m just gonna find something in a local costume store and get one of those cheap black capes… it will work one way or another… LOL.

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