Spare Change

Still using my Legacy of the Divine Tarot.  I pulled the 5 of Coins for my day card.  In the picture, there is a girl who is asking for alms.  When I saw this, I quickly thought on how to apply this today.  I clearly do not want to be in that position.  Was it a warning?

Then I remembered my bad experience from my parking last week. I remember having just enough coins for the parking meter. I know that my recruiter said that my parking will be validated but I still packed some coins just to be prepared.

I came to the hospital and did my drug screening. I took my time wandering since they gave me a free day parking. When I was ready to leave, I showed them my validation and the guy told me that they do not accept that validation. They said the other parking lot (lot 2) was the one for Cedars… the place I was parked was for Pacific Theatre customers only. Sigh. It’s in the same building but I didn’t argue. I knew it was coming.

After paying them cash (since they don’t accept credit), I realized I only have a dollar left in my wallet. Pity.

So note to self: bring cash whenever you pull the 5 of pentacles. There might be some unexpected payments or spending that needs to be done.

5 thoughts on “Spare Change

  1. I actually remember pulling the 5 of Swords years ago for a daily reading. I also didn’t like the look of it, but I couldn’t figure out what it meant…

    I ended up meeting someone and spending the next 5 years living with them – worst years of my life 😀

    …I wonder what her daily card would have been? 🙂

    • Wow! Thanks for sharing your story. Hmmm, it’s possible that she got the same card. Only you were the receiving end of the deceit/cheating?

      But I’m glad that part is over now right? =D

  2. Haha yeah it’s over now.

    Here’s the interesting thing – there was no cheating or deceit.

    I know that goes against the standard interpretation of the 5 of Swords but, there’s a little known (or perhaps applied) definition for the 5 of Swords:

    Empty Victory.

    That’s how I would sum up that relationship – we both wanted it, but once we had it – it was empty!

    • That’s a good interpretation. Yeah, I feel the same way with the 5 of swords. It’s like winning something but it’s not satisfying or something that you can’t be proud of. Thanks for the input!

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