Tarot Exaggeration

For today, I did a three-card position-less spread. I was inspired by Tarot Eon‘s blog about using nothing but your intuition and looking at the bigger picture.


Just by looking at these cards, I can summarize the day as having disappointment (3 of Swords), physical pain (The Tower), and the need to be strong (9 of Wands).

Today I went for my physical. I was expecting that they will be drawing some blood so that would symbolize The Tower. Nobody likes needles, even nurses do not like getting stuck by needles. The 3 of Swords/disappointment came up when my phlebotomist didn’t get the vein in her first try. She had to wiggle around inside my arm to find it. I’m just glad she was using a butterfly instead of that huge scary needle syringe. But of course, the patience and perseverance of the 9 of Wands helped me get through this.

Sometimes the cards are so playful that certain readings like this would bring a heart attack. Good thing my cards have the same humour as I have. LOL.

Note: Tarot deck is Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti. Scanned pics used with permission.