A Warning

Today’s cards (using legacy of the divine tarot) are:

Ace of Swords | Queen of Wands | Six of Swords

The Ace of Swords signifies mental clarity. The sky is being cleared off of the dark clouds. This might indicate a new idea coming up.

The next card shows a determined/confident woman looking straight at me with strong intent. She wants to do something. And when a Queen of Wands wants to do something, no one can get in her way. I hope she’s not mad at me.

The Six of Swords is telling me that she’s planning on traveling somewhere. Maybe she wants to visit someone. Is she going to visit me? Is she going to take me somewhere?

The cards today are a bit mysterious. I can’t wait how the day would transpire.



In my reading earlier today, I thought the cards were telling me that I will be having a surprise get-together with a friend. I was very excited and I was actually waiting for someone to call me. But to no avail, nobody called nor texted about any events tonight.

While my prediction didn’t occur, the same cards still made an impact today.

The Ace of Swords is an element of air. Air means conflict or problems. It’s also good to note that a sword has two edges. One side means peace of mind, while the other means stress or conflict. Judging today’s events, I had both energies. In a way, this card was advising me to keep alert.

I have to keep reminding myself that the court cards are genderless. If I draw a king, it doesn’t necessarily mean a guy. Instead, I have to look for the qualities of the court card. In this case, the Queen of Wands appeared as a traffic police officer. I was pulled over this morning by this cop. I opened the windows, greeted the officer and politely/innocently asked what I did wrong. Apparently, I crossed a street with a “Turn Right Only” sign. I honestly told him I didn’t see it… I also added I’m new to the area, which is true. I still have an Arizona plate number and Arizona license registration. (But seriously, where was that sign because I didn’t see it!). At this time, I was thinking… if he represents the Queen of Wands, I better be nice. I do not want to F with him! I know that the Queen of Wands can be commanding and intimidating but she can also be generous, if treated fairly.

For some reason, after handing him my license and registration, he just briefly looked at my papers and said “Just go.”, while shaking his head a little (He may even have rolled his eyes too if only he didn’t have any shades….). I got the impression that maybe it’s not worth both his and my time to be going through this. The street that I crossed has barely any traffic and safety is not a big concern. And this is where I see the Six of Swords. Him letting me go from conviction. The card implies flight or going from a bad situation to a better situation. While still understanding what happened, I simply thanked him and drove slowly away. This event also reminded me of The Wheel from yesterday. Maybe I’m still carrying the good luck of that card until today.

So note to self: When swords appear in the reading, make sure to be extra careful with your surroundings. Practice and continue being alert. And be nice to cops!

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