My Tarot Journey

What will I learn or gain from my tarot journey?

Using my Legacy of the Divine Tarot, I laid out these cards:

Knight of Coins | 9 of Coins | 10 of Coins

I was amazed how they were all coins or pentacles. The coins resemble the physical and material aspect of life. It also symbolizes stability and practicality. My cards are very strong in saying that my tarot journey will keep me grounded and centered.

The Knight of Coins is telling me that the tarot will be a useful resource for me. It will be a dependable and powerful tool when I need answers and insights on different subjects. It also suggests that my learning of the tarot will be a slow and steady progress. In this journey, I must be patient because I will not learn everything at once. Tarot is an interpretative art and is a mix of studies (astrology, numerology, symbology, and other forms of divination). I need to keep in mind that tarot is a life-long study.

The Nine of Coins is telling me that the tarot will train me to be more objective. I got this idea from the picture where the lady seems to be training the bird in her right hand. Another aspect of the card is material gain or prosperity. It may suggest that in the future, I could actually use my intuitive skills in reading professionally and reach good financial wealth from it.

The 10 of Coins is showing a treasure box that was opened by a golden key. The box is full of coins, gems and other trinkets. On top of the box lays two red roses. I’m associating the tarot as the keys to the secrets in life. I need to continue my desire to learn (as depicted by the red roses) so that in the future, I will be able to understand the tarot in a much deeper level and discover the things that are hidden from me (the subconscious).

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