Good Start

I decided to give equal opportunity to all my tarot decks old and new alike. I’ve focused way too much on my Legacy of the Divine Tarot and now it’s time for it to rest. This first week of November, I will be using my Tarot of the Dead by Monica Knighton.


The Magician - Tarot of the Dead

Today’s card is The Magician. The first thing I noticed about this deck is that the standard suits have been replaced with coffins (cups), pens (wands), films (pentacles) and guns (swords). It’s a very nice deck to start November.

The card that I pulled today was so accurate. I immediately saw myself in the skeleton’s situation. Today is actually my first day of orientation in my new job. I imagined myself sitting in the room, writing stuff on my notepad, and just absorbing everything I can. The pen represents my active participation and interest in the class. The film beside me is very literal. It shows the visual aids used during the class. The holstered gun symbolizes the attentiveness that I needed during the whole presentation. And the coffin symbolizes the motivation and increased compassion towards my new job. The first day of orientation left me wanting to know more about the hospital. They have very good benefits and the people that I have met (so far) are very professional. I’m very proud to be a part of this hospital.

During the end of the day, we had a raffle drawn and I won something. They gave me a cap with a personalized logo of the hospital. It was so bizarre yet cool! It was like I was expecting and knowing that I will win. Was it the magic from The Magician’s card? This made me wonder. It may be possible that another meaning for this card is creating something out of thin air (or from luck)! After this, I thought of buying a lottery ticket… but alas, I never did get a chance.


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