The Lovers - Tarot of the Dead

Today’s card features The Lovers.  It shows the partnership of two skeletons. They are hugging each other with endearment.  The arrows behind their backs symbolize their love for each other.

The environment in this card closely resembles the Rider-Waite-Smith’s Lovers in such a way that it also has two trees.  The tree on the right has leaves of fire which symbolizes the passion in their relationship.  The other tree shows various fruits like apples and grapes… the sweet and the sour mixed together and growing simultaneously in one body.  It symbolizes the ups and downs that are part of having a meaningful relationship. The appearance of two different fruits may also mean that there are surprises along the way.

I wasn’t suppose to meet with Patrick tonight.  But he called me and wanted to spend the evening. His father’s health is slowly deteriorating and I know he needs some sort of comfort. This card is suggesting that he needs someone to hug and maybe a shoulder to cry on. I don’t really know how he is coping, but I think he’s carrying himself very well. Or maybe he’s just keeping his emotions to himself… I don’t know.  But whatever it is, I told him that I’m here.

Deck: Tarot of the Dead by Monica Knighton


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