Time for Self / Mourning


4 of Pistols - Tarot of the Dead

Since this minor arcana doesn’t have an illustration like my other tarot decks, I have to use my basic knowledge about the 4 of Swords (In this case, the 4 of Pistols). I feel like this card is telling me to chillax a little and give time for myself. I’ve been spending too much time with friends and I feel like I’m ignoring my personal needs. Get some rest AJ! Put on a cleansing mask and take a long and relaxing bath. Slide away from pressure and just drift to the healing side of peace and quiet.

I’m thinking of doing some meditation too. I’ll be using my Tibetan singing bowl for this. I’ve been practicing lately and I’m getting the hang of it. I like the vibration that I get from it. If you haven’t tried it yet, go to your local new age bookstore and listen to the different sounds of the singing bowls. I promise, you will love it!



Something came up just now. Patrick just sent me a text message saying that his dad passed away. I felt so sad for him. I know that he loves his dad very much. His dad’s condition wasn’t showing any signs of improvement and they have been preparing for this to happen soon. I offered a little prayer for his soul and I also lit a white candle. I also prayed to the angels to help him guide his way to the light and eternal paradise.

I took my Healing with the Angels by Doreen Virtue and asked my angels if they have any message for me and Patrick. I shuffled and cut and pulled the Divine Guidance card. I don’t have a scanned picture but I will describe it here. There’s an angel raising her hands to the sky. And in the dark evening sky, lays millions of stars… but there is this one beautiful heart-shaped star, shinning brightly. I’m thinking that this is Pat’s dad. He’s now a part of the universe and is a brand new star. The angel in this picture is gladly welcoming his arrival. This is a beautiful sign.

I also want to add this recent event’s relation to my tarot card today. I looked at the Little White Book’s meaning for the 4 of Pistols and one of the keywords for the upright meaning is “necessary time for mourning”. I’m really surprised (and a little spooked) at how accurate and literal this deck is.  I think this deck is very serious despite the light coloring and humorous art.

Deck: Tarot of the Dead by Monica Knighton.


2 thoughts on “Time for Self / Mourning

  1. What an unusual deck this is. I’ve heard of it but had not really seen it before. Those guns do look like they are hanging in the air don’t they. I like the way it shows the two quarter moons, the top one in its first quarter and the bottom in the last quarter, maybe suggesting new beginnings and endings. The guns connect with those two blue splashes, time for reflection maybe. I think as you say time out, recuperate and form a new plan of action.

    Nice post Iceclone!

    • Hi Helen. Thanks for checking my post. I’ve edited and added more to this blog post. You were right about the beginnings and endings… thanks for noticing the moons in the card too.

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