Work and Fun


2 of Films - Tarot of the Dead

Pat drove early this morning to visit his mom in Arizona. It was such a short notice, I didn’t even get to hug him before he left. But it’s fine. He’s going through a lot right now and he needs to be with his family too.

Today in my class orientation, I felt a little out of focus. Not just because of what’s going on with my baby but things keep popping up in my head during the lecture. My ADD kicked in when the educator started talking about units, computations and formulas.

We had an IV test today and that’s part of my anxiety during the lectures. I wasn’t all prepared because I didn’t read my study guide last night. I just tried to grasp everything I can during the morning lecture. But I guess it paid off because I passed it! Yay! See, this is what the 2 of Films is saying here… “Keep your head in the game.”.

After my orientation, my friend Paul said he’s got an extra ticket for a show with Wanda Sykes tonight. It’s not everyday you get to have free tickets here in LA. So I said yes. Despite the fact that I need to read some medication stuff tonight… urgh! Balance AJ, Balance.

Deck: Tarot of the Dead by Monica Knighton


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