Rewarding Myself

The World9 of Wands

What a perfect way to end the work week! I was only thinking of drawing one card today but something slid out of the deck while I was shuffling them. Before turning the card, I hesitated and asked, do I really want to see this? Then I remember that cards who jumps or slides out of the deck usually wants some to have some attention. So ok, I set the card aside and surprised to see The World. Then the next card I drew was the 9 of pens (9 of Wands).

It’s the last day of class orientation. While it was only five days, it felt like an eternity. The lectures, especially those that took place this afternoon was painfully long and boring (or it just felt like it). The 9 of Pens reminded me of the final medication test that we had today. It was only 50 items but it was challenging nonetheless. It was the last part of all the requirements… I passed the physical test, the drug test, and IV test. I reminded myself to be patient and just think positive. So far so good. I passed the medication test as well!

In The World, we see a lady skeleton inside a huge wreath. She is holding a violin and a bow. She seems to be dancing in some music we cannot hear but she is having the time of her life! She is celebrating because she has encountered all these creatures during her journey. I see this as a representation of my work orientation. I met some really cool and friendly people. There’s this one who I really clicked with and I’m hoping to get in touch with her again. I also think that this card is telling me to reward myself and enjoy life! (Another excuse to spend!). So I went to The Bodhi Tree Bookstore and spent the rest of my afternoon there. I also treated myself for some West Hollywood Roll, shrimp nagiri and unagi sashimi for dinner in this new Jap Restaurant in Melrose called Sushi King. *Sigh* Oh and this place is blasting some really good Electronic music!

Deck: Tarot of the Dead by Monica Knighton


5 thoughts on “Rewarding Myself

  1. Hey AJ,

    Man, so much has been happening in your life over the past couple of days and it reminded me of the reading I did for you last night.

    There’s this one who I really clicked with and I’m hoping to get in touch with her again.

    The Prince or Knight of Cups appeared in the reading – good sign for romance if that is what you’re looking for 😀

    All the best,


    • Hi Doug. Yeah it was a really good week actually. Spent most of the days sitting around, but at least we’re getting paid… lol.

      The girl I met there is really friendly! She is a perfect example of an extrovert… no signs of shyness whatsoever. Very approachable and talks from her heart. Sounds like a knight of cups indeed. I think, imo, she could be a potentially good friend to keep (not a romantic level but maybe a dear friend).

      So yes, I will definitely text and call her again. I have her number. Thanks again Doug!

  2. That is possibly the most joyful World card ever. She has such movement and spirit – just lovely! This is one deck you don’t have to feel guilty about “indulging” in. Good luck with those pips – I don’t have the strength yet!

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