First Impression


The Queen of Swords is one of my favorites. She is a strong, intelligent woman. She is in a position of authority and she wields her sword in front of her to demand respect. She is an experienced person and she’s proud of that.  I saw her as my manager at work.

The World appeared again today for my reading. I see this card as a feeling of completion or fulfillment. For a few months, I was living in fear because I didn’t have a job. It’s hard to find work even in hospitals because most are on freeze hiring. But for better turn of events, I got a position here in a reputable hospital. This gives me peace of mind.

Like The Tower, my new work place is huge and is built with a strong foundation. In fact it is popular and perceived highly by a lot of people. But the lighting hit my beliefs and revealed that the place has shortcomings. It’s not perfect. But despite this first impression, I’m still glad I’m now a part of them. I will make my experience here as best as I could.


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