My Obsession


This week, I’m giving my Original RWS a chance to shine. I’m not exactly a fan of the illustrations and colorings of this deck but then again, this is what most of the tarot decks are based from.

This morning, as I was shuffling my deck, I was thinking of what to ask my cards. First I want to ask what the energies of this day will bring. But deep in my thoughts, I was really wanting to know how I should manage my obsession with the tarot. Recently, I’ve been going on a shopping spree for anything tarot-related items and I’m beginning to worry.

When I pulled my three cards, I realized that my guide (or angels) picked up on my subconscious and answered my deepest thoughts. I got three major trumps, which is pretty unusual. They all speak individually but at the same time, they are connected with each other.

The World, like the picture portrays… has a figure who is enjoying herself. She’s apparently happy for the choices that she has made and she doesn’t regret any of them, instead, she is proud of what she has learned from her journey. I think this card is telling me that I’m on a right path and I’m learning the tarot pretty well. She is telling me to not feel guilty.

The Moon represents the strong influence of the tarot on me. This is very dangerous because it makes me do crazy and irrational things. And by crazy, I mean impulsive shopping of new (and OOP) decks. The Moon’s advice is to gain control again. Β Don’t be oblivious and weak whenever I see the temptations.

The High Priestess is the keeper of the esoteric. She is basically telling me to stop and think. She knows my thirst for knowledge and she is gently enabling me to continue my study. But while she wants me to progress, she also wants me to practice using my common sense. I need to consider important things that come into play with this kind of hobby (like money, time and effort).

Overall, these cards speak a lot of truth. It’s so easy to say these things but they’re hard to do. But I will do my best.


9 thoughts on “My Obsession

  1. I was interested in your reading Iceclone and the fact that you drew the World as your first card. I hope you don’t mind me giving you my impression of it. This is not replacing what you say, for you are the one who really knows, it is just a different perspective. I hope you will accept it in the spirit it is offered.

    The World does seem to be saying how you handle your obsession is by being self aware. The World shows us that it is by the knowledge we gain that gives us personal growth and the realisation that we may have to make sacrifices that helps us not only gain a different perspective, but also complete the cycle in order to start a fresh journey.

    The Moon may well suggest to you, that it is be allowing your illusions of what you need to dominate your thinking, that you loose that balance and harmony that is required. It may just say you are not viewing the situation as clearly as you should. In order to gain the balance you require you need to face up to what is real and what is illusion.

    The High Priestess tells you that all the answers you seek lie within yourself, you just have to make the connection and allow that higher self to guide you in the right direction. You know that little voices that whispers to you, when you pick up a new deck that you think you want and it says, “you don’t need that” well listen to it, rather than ignore it, it knows what’s best. LOL The HP represents the need to turn inwards and allow your guiding voice rather than your mental voice to come out. She is what will help you gain a better perspective and the balance you need to acquire. She is a No. 2 card and represents balance, duality and union.

    • Hi Helen. I appreciate your interpretation. It helps me see the cards more objectively, which is really hard when you’re reading for yourself.

      The World seems to confuse me at times but I like how you relate it to self awareness. I will take a note of that meaning.

      In the Moon, maybe I’m not really viewing the situation clearly. Sometimes I’m thinking that I’m just clouded by the art of some tarot decks… that’s why I’m attracted to buy them. But when I get them, they don’t resonate with me… one of these is the Tell Me Tarot. I thought it would help me as a beginner, but I’m not feeling it.

      I think you’re right when you said that I have to listen to that inner voice. I need to pay close attention to what my guts are telling me.

  2. Iceclone, I did a series and am in fact still doing it, on my blog. It’s called a weekly walk in the world of Waite/Smith where I take a look at the cards and what Waite and Smith were trying to convey in the symbolism. All the Majors are done, I’m working on the suit of wands right now – anyway you may find this helps you as I have tried to break down the symbolism and quoted from Waite as well as from other well know Tarot experts.

    Of course this is only my point of view but still you may find something of worth in it.

    Take a look see what you think, you’ll find it in the categories section.


  3. This is what I would call “The Perfect Spread” – 3 favourite cards, all in a row πŸ™‚

    As you know, I am on a similar “jump head first and learn how to breathe underwater” tarot kick and it is tempting to see these 3 cards as permission to go WILD with the immersion (fulfillment! intuition! learning!), so I have respect for you that you are able to take a step back and see caution, where you might want to see encouragement. I don’t know if I would have as much wisdom πŸ˜‰ I have slowed down though too, and am able to stop and think before clicking “buy now”!

    • Hi submerina! As part of my control, I will delay my subscription to Aeclectic. I won’t be able to see the trading section for a while… *sigh* But it’s ok, I have other decks to play with anyway. And I’m still waiting for my Tarot de Marseille (Hadar) and Tarot of the Magical Forest in the mail… That trading section is too much for me… LOL

      This spread is sarcastic… but I love it! =D

      • I’m only waiting on one deck, so I guess I’m okay for now. You, on the other hand, have a problem. I will be happy to relieve you of that problem, and by “problem” I mean “Magical Forest.” I’m envious, in case you can’t tell πŸ˜€

  4. I have to tell you Iceclone that the Tarot of the Magical Forest is one I have made myself resist even since it was released – it’s sooo cute I want it, but do I need it? πŸ˜€

    • Aaah, but Helen, those in the know say that the Magical Forest reads like a dream, in spite of being so bloody cute you just want to grab it’s little paws and dance around the living room with it! Enable… enable… enable πŸ˜‰

      • I second that motion!

        I ordered the original Taiwanese version from photokat and I’m excited to get my hands on it! Yes Helen, you need it! LOL

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