World Again


The World is presented to me once again. I have been getting this card almost every day now. I understand that it is about celebration, completion, and complete happiness. This morning we had a meeting in the conference room. They told me that they do a weekly meeting but today is rather special. Not only it is “Veteran’s Day” but we are also celebrating “Perioperative Nurse’s Week”. They gave us free breakfast and showed us a slideshow presentation of the employees. They also officially congratulated the newly hired graduates. It was a short but eventful meeting. This card goes to show that I need to appreciate my job more.

I drew a second card, but this time, I took it from the bottom of the deck to symbolize what was hidden. And here I pulled The Sun. This card shows a child being supported by the sun’s radiant energy. He represents confidence and success. He has his arms wide open to symbolize his acceptance of himself and others. This card is telling me to start accepting my current workplace and just adapt to the changes. I’ve been comparing this hospital with others I have worked with and it’s not bringing me any good. I still don’t feel the complete energy of The Sun, but this shows that it will come eventually.


I don’t know if it’s relevant… but my first patient for today was a 3 year old boy who resembles the child in the Sun card very much.  He has blonde hair, and his bright yellow hospital gown gave me this impression.  He also has a cheerful personality even though he knows he is in a hospital.  Just a thought I wanna share.


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