The Observer

Page of Wands

Page of Wands - Original RWS

Today is payday for me. How much more enthusiasm can I bring today?

The Page of Wands is one of my favorite court cards. Most of the time, I associate them as an approach or attitude. When I got this card today, I was reminded to be more actively involved in my learning/adjusting process and not just be an observer. I need to show more enthusiasm and optimism around my co-workers. I have to use this time (my orientation period) as a window of opportunity to ask any question I want.

I want to dissect this card a little bit. If we look at the picture, we see this young elegant guy being curiously attracted to this ordinary wand. Normally, a rich or well-known person wouldn’t give time to notice the mundane but this one is different. He is definitely not being aloof to the ordinary things and is actually curious to know what’s special about them.

He is wearing a white explorer’s hat.  This symbolizes a desire for adventure and new discoveries.  The red feather adorning the hat may symbolize the element of fire, which symbolizes desire and passion.  His garment is all colored yellow which means clarity in his thoughts.  The clear blue skies also suggest that everything is clear now.  It can also be a sign of a good day ahead.


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