The Lovers

The Lovers - Original RWS

Hmmmm. I just got The Lovers card a few days ago but I’m welcoming it again today.

This card literally jumped while I was shuffling… and at that time I was thinking what energy I should be working with today.

First of all.. Happy Friday the 13th to Everybody!  I think I stopped associating this number to being “bad luck” a long time ago… and even then, I haven’t really paid attention to it.  It’s my day off today and so far, this day is nothing but good.

In this card, we see two naked people who is destined to be together.  They seem to be blessed and guided by this angel (probably Raphael).  Behind the woman, we can see a fruitful tree but it is protected by a serpent.  Fruits = Growing Relationships.  Serpent = Possible Temptation.  They’re mixed together so we are reminded that challenges are part of  a growing relationship.  On the other side, we see a tree with fire for leaves.  Fire  = passion/burning desire for that other person.  There is a mountain behind them.  It looks very phallic if I may say so.

Gemini rules this card.  In astrology, Gemini is about communication.  It tells us that an effective communication with our partner is necessary for the relationship to work.  It’s so funny because today, Pat forgot his blackberry in my apartment.  It was weird for us not to text sweet little messages during the day but we still found time to communicate by me calling his office.  =D  I think I called him three times… LOL.  OK, it’s only because I’m off today, I’m not that needy really.

It’s Friday and just waiting for him to come pick me up… going to start the weekend with a nice evening date.  =D  Have a good weekend!


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