Change of Plans


First thing I’ve noticed in this spread is that they all have a body of water surrounding them.  So this spread is probably dealing with emotions, feelings and relationships.  I also noticed that the Queen of Cups is turning her back to the other two cards.  The Six of Swords and the Eight of Cups seem to be leaving and going somewhere else.

It may sound odd but I associate myself with the Queen of Cups. I’m very much in touch with my emotions. I’m caring, sensitive and moody at times.  So in this case, I decided to put myself in this interpretation.

The Six of Swords is about leaving the difficulties behind and going somewhere safer.  We do not see the faces of the people here so it’s hard to know what the emotions are.  But their posture says a lot.  Their backs are slouched and their heads are kept down.  It seems like they have experienced something bad but they are now saved by the ferryman.  This card is also interpreted as travel (or maybe driving around).  Hmmm… well, I’m going with Patrick to Encino to watch a movie with friends… so maybe this is what the cards are telling me.

The Eight of Cups is about leaving something known or familiar and exploring something new or unknown.  For me, it may also mean turning something down or changing my plans to something better.  I didn’t expect this, but Pat and I decided to cancel our dinner plan with friends tonight.  We thought we’ll just do something responsible around the apartment instead.  Well, he did laundry… I blogged.  =D  We also canceled the brunch for tomorrow with Brian because we want to sleep late tomorrow.  We just over-booked ourselves this weekend with social stuff and it seems too much.  But everybody was okay with us re-scheduling so that’s cool.


4 thoughts on “Change of Plans

  1. This is very unusual. See, I can tell that there’s something happening in these cards, but it’s like the meaning is trapped beneath the surface of frosted glass. I simply cannot read the RWS! Glad that you are not similarly afflicted 🙂

  2. I don’t have a Thoth and they’re almost impossible to get now, so unless the fairies bring me one… 😦 And I think I’d be able to read really well with a Thoth, which makes it even more heartbreaking. Maybe the Liber T will have to do?

    I get really great results with my Truth-Seeker’s, and for readings where I need a little more detail and a more… human touch, the Spiral. Sometimes I’ll use them together 🙂 I’m trying to build my deck collection so that I have images to match certain types of questions.

    • Hi! If you want to get a pocket-sized Thoth, you can grab one in There’s only three left right now. Here’s the link:

      I think it’s nice to have… until the standard size becomes available again.

      And yes, I think your Truth-Seeker’s tarot is really cute. I might have to get one for myself. I like the modern and colorful decks very much.

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