4 of Pentacles - Phoenix Tarot

Very interesting card draw tonight. I was just reading Deviant Moon’s latest blog entry and it’s about the 4 of pentacles. Anyway, this card basically talks about the miser. I googled the term and this is what I got from wikipedia:

A miser or cheapskate is a person who is reluctant to spend money, sometimes to the point of forgoing even basic comforts. The term derives from the Latin miser, meaning “poor” or “wretched,” comparable to the modern word “miserable”.

I actually laughed when I drew this card because this is how I would exactly describe my day today. Patrick got us a ticket for the movie “2012” at Arclight Theaters (one of the best theaters in LA). He also treated me for dinner tonight. And to top it off, my favorite new age store here had a 20% Holiday Sale this weekend… and with my KCRW Fringe Benefits card, they added 10% making a total of 30% off on my purchases. I didn’t buy much though. I was hoping to get a miniature statue of Goddess Fortuna but it was already gone. So all I bought was a Thoth companion book and a pack of lavender incense. I was tempted to buy a tarot deck too but they didn’t have a stock of “Druidcraft Tarot”.

All in all, this day was totally fun and lots of savings too. Can’t believe it’s Monday again tomorrow. Anyway, I’m off to sleep… good night!

Deck: Phoenix Tarot by Paola Angelotti


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