A New Friend

Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups - Phoenix Tarot

My tarot card of the day is the Knight of Cups. He jumped out of the deck while I was shuffling this morning.

Here is the meaning given by Paola Angelotti herself:

He’s an ardent lover and dreamer, a passionate suitor who may bring an invitation or proposition or a message of love. It may represent a boy with brown hair and blue or hazel eyes.

It’s funny how there is a physical description of this card. A guy with a brown hair and hazel eyes. Sounds like Patrick. LOL. Well today, he invited me to hang out with his friend from Texas.  They came to visit me in my apartment and we watched “V” (The alien/sci-fi show). He brought me some Thai food for dinner too. It was very sweet of him.  Anyway, this card gave me a whole new understanding for the Knight of Cups.  A new friend is on its way!


This is out of the topic, but I lost my car key tonight. It was very annoying and I was actually having a hard time entertaining his friend because of this. I kept looking everywhere, including the trash, the sofa, the parking garage, everywhere! It was embarrassing to his friend because my mind is not at the present… they even helped look inside the apartment. In my despair, I went inside my room and opened my book “Everyday Magic” by Dorothy Morrison and surreptitiously casted a quick location spell. When I got out, they invited me to get some frozen yogurt but I declined and told them that I can’t possibly focus while my key is lost. I’m afraid that someone might find it and drive away with it.

So I said my good byes and closed the door. After a few seconds, they knocked again. When I opened, they have found it! His friend accidentally found it. He was texting someone with his phone, and while looking down, he saw a key sticking in the garden just outside my apartment. I thought I must’ve dropped it while I picked up the mail this afternoon. Very odd indeed. But I’m glad my spell worked! I miss doing spells…

Deck:  Phoenix Tarot by Paola Angelotti


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