The Colorful One

The Devil

The Devil - Phoenix Tarot

Here is Paola Angelotti’s meaning for The Devil:

Evil influences, depression or bad dreams are indicated by this card. Beware of the malice of others and the negative feelings in everyone’s heart. Rid yourself of unhealthy anxieties and learn from your adversities so that you may free yourself from their bonds.

I can totally relate to the negative energies of today. My room was not crazy busy but the people I worked with today was a bit condescending. Nobody likes being unappreciated. It’s so hard not to think and feel negative vibes when you encounter these things.

Another thing that bothered me today was that computer test about BLS.  My recruiter surprised me and told me that I had to take it today.  I didn’t even have time to review for it.  Although I passed the first part, the second part was not exactly easy.  I have to go back and finish that test tomorrow.

I can’t help but notice the erection the devil is having in this card.  He seems to be aroused by our weaknesses and low points.  This just reminds me that I need to be stronger.  I need to show him who’s the boss and that I cannot be easily intimidated by challenges.

In the background, we see lightning bolts.  This is a sign that he can be the cause of the destruction in The Tower card.  I didn’t get that card today but if I don’t keep myself together, I might end up getting that card.

I’m curious about the star enclosing his face. I wonder if it suggests the “Pentacle” (A Pagan symbol for the elements and the spirit).  This may indicate that the devil is present in different aspects of our lives and that we need awareness to fight it.

Deck:  Phoenix Tarot by Paola Angelotti


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