Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands - Phoenix Tarot

I think Victoria’s Secret just puked in this card.  It’s so pink!

In the Phoenix Tarot, we can see the Knight of Wands in full action.  He’s riding a red horse with no saddle, harness or any safety accessory.  He is very brave.  The color red symbolizes his strong drive or passion to succeed.

This knight is also the opposite of the Knight of Pentacles.  He is quick and cunning.  He is the go getter of all the knights and no challenge is hard enough for him.  He acts in haste and doesn’t second guess his moves and decisions.

The card implies that this knight is jousting with someone else.  His position with his lance seems to show that he is in the offense.  While we see some aggression in this card, I noticed that he is not looking in front of him.  In my interpretation, this suggests that he’s not thinking of the outcome of his actions.  He trusts and relies mainly on his instincts.

I can definitely see the “Impulsiveness” quality of this knight.  I think I know what this is referring to.  It’s my unstoppable interest in buying tarot decks!  Oh my gosh!  Someone please buy that Bohemian Gothic in the Trading Section (in AE) now before I lose control!

Deck:  Phoenix Tarot by Paola Angelotti


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