Practicality, really?


Queen of Pentacles - Phoenix Tarot

Today was a very nice day. Saturday should always be like this. First we had brunch at Max’s (Filipino Restaurant), then we went to Brand Bookstore, then we browsed some cars at a MINI dealership, followed by a little drive, then ending it with a dinner at BJ’s Restaurant in Glendale.

I did my tarot reading just when I got home and I asked the cards what I should learn from the events of today, and I got the Queen of Pentacles.

The picture shows the Queen dressed in a pastel pink gown.  She portrays simplicity and plain/natural beauty.  She is holding and admiring a huge pentacle in her arms.  She certainly knows how to appreciate art.  She is also surrounded by lush green grass (symbolizing money) and blossoming flowers (symbolizing femininity).

I can see how she was reflected today on my trip to the Brand Bookstore.  It was a used bookstore with a variety of choices.  I particularly like the section at the back where it has psychology, sexuality, witchcraft, tarot, etc.  I saw these good deals on tarot resource books so I snatched them!  I bought two.  One is the “Introduction to Tarot”, which uses both the RWS and Thoth imagery.  The second book is “Tarot Plain and Simple”, which uses the Robin Wood pictures.  For half the price, it’s a good deal!

To quote Thirteen’s meaning on this card, “Her accounting is scrupulous, but that doesn’t mean she’s afraid to spend. She loves beautiful things and has an artist’s eye.” I can definitely relate to this when it comes to some tarot decks.  Just today, a new China-print Deviant Moon is available for purchasing and I just can’t say no to it even though I just ordered my Bohemian Gothic from the trading section.  Oh, poor bank account!  But it’s ok… this week is payday!

Deck:  Phoenix Tarot by Paola Angelotti

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