8 of Cups - Archeon Tarot

I wanted to know what I should reflect on tonight and the 8 of Cups jumped out while I was shuffling. Sometimes I don’t know if my guides are really doing this or maybe it’s just from poor shuffling. But either way, I’m going to interpret this card nonetheless.

To change the feel of my reading, I’m jumping from a colorful deck to a dark deck.  I’ve had the Archeon Tarot for a while so I’m giving it a go this week.

This card shows a veiled lady looking at the falling or floating 8 of Cups.  She is rather emotionless… or maybe she just don’t care anymore.  The atmosphere is very dream-like.  I’m guessing that this is set in space because I can see a planet and a constellation of stars.

Usually this card talks about letting go of a certain idea or situation.  It’s about moving on and leaving the past behind.  If this picture can talk, it would say, “Just leave it to the universe…”.  I think this card is telling us to stop worrying anymore and just let life take its course.  Maybe these cups are meant to be left floating in space so we can find or create new ones… better ones.

I’m thinking that this card relates to me on how I am dealing with my aunt right now.  I’m still partially indifferent to her because of our past disagreements.  I think I should just let it be and allow forgiveness.  What has been done has been done.  What has been said has been said.  Like in this card, I can’t do anything anymore but move on.

Deck:  Archeon Tarot by Timothy Lantz

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