Chit-chat with Rizal

Archeon Tarot

This is a silly exercise from “What’s in the Cards for You?” by Mark McElroy. =D

The exercise asked to choose a historical figure that I admire. In this case, I chose the national hero of The Philippines.  Let’s hear it for Jose Rizal!

Using my Archeon Tarot, I pulled a three card spread so I can learn something from him.

The 6 of Cups answered my question, “What was your motivation to save our country?”  This card, amazingly, shows a masked performer with a scroll behind him.  This is not a surprise because Jose Rizal is a well known writer/novelist.  He used his talent in arts and literature to reach the public and open their minds.  During that time, my country was oppressed by the Spaniards.  The books that he have written angered them but it also created hope to Filipinos.  This ultimately lead to a revolution, which was a big step towards our freedom!

The 8 of Wands is something that he have learned.  In the picture, we see an angel with her wings spread wide open.  This symbolizes the feeling of freedom.  The element for this card is fire, which symbolizes progress and development.  He has a dedicated soul and never gave up on inspiring us.  He was a true student and explored various fields of study like medicine, arts, literature, architecture, etc.  He mastered a number of languages like German, Greek, English, Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, etc.

The third is his tip to improve my life.  In this card, we see the Knight of Pentacles in full armour.  He is known to be the protector.  He is someone we can all depend on in times of need.  I guess this card is telling me to become more available to the people I care for (my friends and family).  Sometimes I let life get in the way and become distant to them.  Being busy is not an excuse.  I should be this knight to them… someone they can look up to and be proud of.

Deck:  Archeon Tarot by Timothy Lantz

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