Leaving the Fantasy

Archeon Tarot

Whenever I see the 6 of Swords, I always associate it with traveling or leaving something behind. In the picture, the boat seems to be sailing away from the swords. The swords mean conflict or problem, so in my interpretation I can safely say that the situation will soon be at ease. It’s a time of moving on and looking at the future instead of focusing on the past.

The 7 of Cups is a card of fantasy and day-dreaming. In this card, we see a woman riding a mystical flying horse (Pegasus, perhaps?). She is looking back at the beautiful cups behind her. Are these temptations? Or is she just admiring them? In the RWS, these cups are filled with different goodies. They are mixed with ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ or ‘fantasy’ and ‘reality’! We just need to practice objectivity and choose which one to pick. So easily said than done.

I hate to say this but my obsession with buying decks are slowly coming to a halt. Not completely, but slowly. Like the 6 of Swords, my obsession is slowly leaving. At first, I had a lot in my wish list… but now, I feel like narrowing it down to just a few. I’m still curious about OOP decks but I’m not out there looking to buy all of them. So far, the biggest weight on my wish list are the Victorian Romantic, William Blake Tarot, The Alchemical Tarot and Tarot of Durer. Just recently acquired my Waking with the Wild Spirit Tarot and I’m loving the artwork, although I think I will delay studying it. The Bohemian Gothic will soon be in my hands and I think that deck will calm me down until next month…. LOL. But by next month, I will really put a leash on it. This month’s spending spree is over.

Deck: Archeon Tarot by Timothy Lantz