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My Thanksgiving was very simple. I spent the day driving around with Patrick. We were suppose to checkout a park in Tujunga but the road there was closed. We ended up driving around the neighborhood and ended up passing through Mullholand drive. It was a quick jaunt. Along the way, we saw a ranch with a camel and a zebra and it was just amazing! Especially that camel! I don’t know why, but that camel made us laugh and it made our trip memorable. He just looks so monstrous but goofy! I wish I had a picture, but I think it was a Bactrian Camel.

That night, a few of my friends came to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. Paul baked some really good pumpkin pies. Will and Bill bought some wine for us. And Jen and Hazel brought an “ube” cake from Red Ribbon. It was a lovely and peaceful night. After that we just watched an episode of Glee and some funny clips from SNL and Youtube. It was fun!

Anyway, I made a spread that night on what to thank for for this year.  I mentally assigned the positions of the cards prior to drawing them.

Six of Wands – Represents my friends.
The spears in this card are raised and the helmets are nothing but extraordinary. The lady is proud and happy in her position right now.  I see this card as winning new friends over.  During my travel assignments to Los Angeles and Oakland, I have met some really interesting new people.  I would never have known them if I didn’t pursue my travel career.  Now I have expanded my social circle from Phoenix, to Southern and Northern California.  I’m very grateful for that!  And also, I’m having some new online friends here through blogging and the tarot community (Aeclectic)… although I don’t see you guys, I feel like I’m connected with you in some level.  I’m happy to learn with you and share with you my tarot journey.

The Tower – Represents my family.
Fire erupts from the windows of the Tower. The lady in the picture is outside… safe but still in shock of the disaster. I’m assuming that it was her house that was caught on fire. She looks distressed and her body language seems to express, “What now?”. I don’t know if I have mentioned this in my previous posts… but I just came out to my mom several months ago. It brought some repressed emotions between me and my mom. It was a big change that just needs to happen. I’m tired of the fake peace that I had before. What I needed was to shake that peace with the truth. Now I feel much better and I’m happy that I have their support. I feel like we’re now picking up the pieces and building a more truthful relationship.

The King of Pentacles – Represents my work.
He is a proud and experienced king. He knows his way around business or anything money-related issues. This is related to me in that I have a better understanding of the differences between having a full time job and a travel career. They both have pros and cons. And now that I have experienced both, I feel more confident in showing my skills. This card is a good sign that I’m in the right path (or hospital) right now because he seems to be a sign of contentment also. He is the highest of the courts (in the pentacles) so it must also be saying that I will be learning more things for this year.

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Reading

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Iceclone!

    I was touched by your thanksgiving reading! I loved that you got 6 wands for your fiends and that means the promise of success.

    The Tower in your situation just seemed so right, giving you the opportunity here to tear down those false beliefs and build a much stronger foundation. I’m happy that you and your mum are working it out.

    What an encouraging card for your work situation to have, The King of Pents, he shows that it is through the practical application of your plans that you will reach your goal and being prepared to take each necessary step to ensure success. I also wish you success in all areas of your life.

    • Thanks Helen! I appreciate your time reading my entry. This year has been really big to me… and is a huge turning point in my life. Just being able to connect with tarot during my lowest point is a blessing for me. =D

      I hope you had a good thanksgiving too!

    • Yay Helen! That’s awesome! I’m still waiting for mine. It was my fault… I forgot to give my new address when I ordered so it was sent to the old one…. now it’s being re-routed here but it’s taking so much time. I will call USPS tomorrow for an update…

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