Defying my Guide

Archeon Tarot

9 of Cups - Archeon Tarot

I was thinking of upgrading my cellphone to the iPhone 3G S. But before going to the Apple Store, I consulted my cards and asked, “What is the wisdom of owning the iPhone right now?”. Lo and behold, I got the 9 of Cups! I was ecstatic!

So I went to the Apple Store (The Grove branch) and asked someone to explain the new updates to the software. I was impressed by a lot of things… from the maps, cut & paste ability, to the “find iphone” function when it gets lost. Definitely a must buy. So I went ahead and said I want one. Sadly though, he said I am not eligible for the discounted price of $199 (for the 16 Gig)…. if I want one right now, I have to pay the full and no-contract price of $399! No way!

The reason for this is that I just bought a Blackberry Bold five months ago. But that model had so many issues that I just gave up on it. They even gave me a refurbished one as a replacement but with the same problems! I’m over it. Now, I’m just using a Sony Ericsson Walkman phone (W995).

So even though my cards are telling me that the iPhone is going to give me contentment and happiness… I will have to ignore it for now. It’s just too pricey. I’m willing to wait nine months. It’s not an emergency anyway. And in another note, the 9 of Cups has a shadow meaning of over-indulgence… so in a way, I’m considering the fact that an iPhone is a luxurious property. If I buy it, my monthly cellphone bill will go up to $110-120… and I’m not really ready for this. I’d rather use that $30 for a new tarot deck! LOL.

Deck: Archeon Tarot by Timothy Lantz

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