Monday Off

Fey Tarot

The Devil - Fey Tarot

I’m using The Fey Tarot for this week.  I’m really liking the images in this deck.  I do not have the companion book so I’m gonna have to make real use of my intuition here.

I’m happy to say that I’m not working this Monday. I have all the time to do chores and errands. I’m surprised to see The Devil for this day because I feel like I’m in the mood for accomplishing a lot of things today.

The picture shows a goofy-looking Devil.  His body is in flames and his eyes are wide open.  He looks very enthusiastic in what he is doing.  Is he eating those trees? Is he eating too much? This card may actually imply unhealthy eating habits… Gluttony perhaps?  I guess, that’s one way of describing this card.  This actually reminded me of my lunch yesterday with Patrick and Debbie at Din Tai Fung Dumpling House.  We indulged ourselves with all the goodness.  And yes, I felt kinda sick afterwards from being so full!

I looked up the LWB and it mentioned something about deceit and stupidity. LOL. I’m thinking that this is involving my unrealistic “to do” list again. The Devil, for me, seems to come up every time I have to do something serious. I have a feeling that this card is about temptations and distractions. What are the distractions for today? Probably the internet and possibly procrastination. Ok, that being said… I have to stop right now and go on with my day!  Have a good week everybody!


Update & Note to self: The Devil may also mean impulsive buying and overspending. Just had my Deviant Moon prints custom-framed and I think I overdid it. Oh well… still a happy camper here. I deserve good things! =D

Deck: The Fey Tarot by Riccardo Minetti

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