Sacred Days of Yule

I’m playing catch up so I can do this Sacred Days of Yule Tarot Spread. I just discovered it a few days ago from the forum. The direct link from the author is here.  I’ll post the complete spread with pictures at the end of this exercise.

1. Mother Night of Dreams: – Dec 20th This card reminds us to look for a particular message in our dreams tonight. The ancients believed that our dreams on this night foretold some of the important events in the coming year.

Unfortunately, I cannot remember my dream that night. But I can recall a few dreams here and there and most of them are family and friends related. I miss them so much that they keep popping in and out of my dreams.

I’m really happy that I pulled the 9 of Pentacles for this position. This card is about material prosperity. It’s that stage in one’s life where you feel stable and everything is going according to plan. I want to use this card as my motivation to start setting a proper budget, savings and all that other financial mambo jumbo. Right now I’m just spending as is, but my goal for next year is to be better at controlling it.

If I correlate my friends/family dream with the 9 of Pentacles, this could mean that my relationship with them will flourish. I’m guessing that some of my old friends from high school will come back in my life and my family and I will have a stronger relationship. I picked a really good card for the unforeseeable future.

2. Yule – Winter Solstice: – Dec 21st This card shows us how best to connect to the Light within and without – it symbolizes the Birth of the Sun.

I pulled the 8 of Wands for this position. This card is about a quick progress and development. It’s hard to read this card by itself, but I’m assuming that if I really want to know and learn more about my inner self (consciousness), all I have to do is push myself towards that direction. But how do I tap into that? Patrick has been motivating me to learn the Transcendental Meditation. He just had an initiation to that and he said it’s very beneficial. Maybe I should give this TM a chance. It’s a quick twice a day meditation, 20 minutes in the morning, 20 minutes in the evening. I’m going to think more about this and see if it will work with my work schedule.

3. The Time of Beth: – Dec 22nd This card points to the inner blocks and resistance that is holding us back from following our dreams.

This is very literal, but what’s blocking my growth is the Strength to move forward. This card is not just talking about physical prowess but inner strength as well. The confidence and trust in one’s self that anything is possible. I have a few ideas up in the air in regards to professional and personal advancements but my mind is still scattered. I still don’t know where to begin. I heard this before, but the hardest part of doing something is starting it. I’m still garnering my will and energy to actually do something productive.

4. Hopi Time of Renewal – Dec 23rd This card indicates the best way for us to seek purification and renewal, and to build tolerance for others.

A perfect card for this position – The Hermit. I need to find a sanctuary from my busy life. I need to really schedule that “me time”. Sometimes I’m so busy with work and other relationships that I scrimp on my personal needs. I think I need to pick one day a week and really preserve that day just for me, with no social commitments, no technology to bother me (like emails and cellphones)… just me, maybe a book and a coffee.

I like how The Hermit is portrayed in the Victorian Romantic. As usual, he is a man of old age. He holds an hourglass in his left hand and a scythe in his right. The scythe is about cutting your connection with the world and just be one with himself. The hourglass is about time-well-spent.

5. Feast of Mothers, Christmas Eve: – Dec 24th This card shows how we can connect with the spirits of our ancestors for communion and to ask for wisdom and guidance. It is also a time for Christians to reflect on the birth of Christ.

The Magician is the message of my ancestors to me. How creepy is this? In the Magician Card, there is a skeleton standing up beside the table, looking at him. He looks startled by the enlightening message from either the book that he is reading or the whispers from the other side. They’re telling me that everything is in my hands right now. Everything is under my control. I just need to re-assure myself and be confident of myself.

6. Festival of Life, Christmas: – Dec 25th This card shows us how to connect directly with Spirit.

The Fool is telling me to be a dare-devil this coming year. To be unafraid and look at the future with positive light. To be carefree and to trust that everything will go well. In this card, a circus performer is showing his act on stage, although he looks ridiculous to them, he is not afraid of what they think. This is his real self and he has nothing to be ashamed of.

7. Yuletide, Kwanzaa: – Dec 26th This card shows us how to express nurturance, to attend to our families and to express the protective energy within us towards others.

The Chariot. To be pro-active in the relationship. Don’t stay passive. Be interested in what they are doing and in return, they will be interested in what I am doing. I see a picture of four people in this chariot. It’s unlike any other Chariot cards I’ve ever seen. In this card, it seems like there is a teamwork and participation from different people in order to proceed in the right direction. A very interesting card that relates to dealing with family and friends.

8. Birth of Freyja: – Dec 27th This card points to issues of love, luck, artistic and creative expression and female wisdom.

The World.  This card has been showing itself in almost every deck I use.  May it be the Deviant Moon, Tarot of the Dead or even the Secret Tarot.  I’m always happy to see it because it reassures me that everything will be okay.  Whatever I’m doing is leading me to the right direction.  Seeing that this card is in the position for love and creative aspects, I’m positive that my extra-curricular activities and plans will work out well this coming year.

9. Feast of Alcyone: – Dec 28th This card gives us a personal inner message – one that speaks directly to our heart and spirit.

I love this depiction of The High Priestess.  According to the companion book, she is a witch who can foresee the future.  The smoke that is coming out of the cauldron is some sort of a divination.  This is fascinating to me because I like doing spells here and there.  This year would be a good year for me to really get into doing tarot spells.  I did a really powerful one a few months ago and I think I need to continue experimenting on this.  This card is especially telling me to continue seeking the truth and the mystery… the hidden ones that can only be uncovered by continuous learning and understanding of the arts and esoteric.

10. Day of Nymphs – Dec 29th This card encourages us to connect to our playful side, our inner child and how best to cultivate this aspect of ourselves.

Nine of Cups showed up for this position.  I’m assuming that this card is telling me to be contented with what I have and enjoy the simpler things in life.  The picture is showing a guy who has a cup that is either filled or empty.  But whatever it is, it doesn’t bother him.  I’m thinking that this is encouraging me to be creative this coming year.  I need to find things that I already have or something that I already know and make use of it.  I have a feeling that this card is advising me to not be wasteful as well, and to not focus on the negative side of things.  To connect with my inner being, I have to accept experiences as they come.  I need to lower expectations and make them reasonable as to not fall flat when they are not met.

11. Day of Rest: – Dec 30th This card shows us how to walk our path in a relaxed and confident way….with the ability to deal with stressful situations in a philosophical, detached way.

Another perfect card for this position… The Six of Swords!  When I pulled it, I immediately thought “Look at the brighter side!”.  The picture shows people sailing towards the castle and they are not too far from the coast anymore.  Their travel is at an end and they will be safe again.  I also see this as a “travel” card or a vacation.  Patrick and I are actually thinking of doing a cruise this year and this may well predict that future.  How amazing!

12. New Year’s Eve, Hogmanay – Dec 31st This card shows us how to release the old and let in the new. This relates to both our external lives and our inner being.

5 of Cups.  2009 was a huge turning point in my life.  A lot of big decisions has been made.  A lot of disappointments has been experienced.  But a lot of good things has also happened in my life.  In this picture, I see a woman who looks to be somewhat disappointment.  She seems to be focusing too much on what she is seeing and not realizing that she has a full basket of beautiful flower behind her.  This card is telling me to finally let go of the hurtful past and learn from it instead.

Overall, I’m really impressed with this reading.  This yule spread extends and predicts the coming 2010 events too.  I’m glad to see a lot of major cards in this spread.  I’m thinking that 2010 is another huge one for me.

My Transition

10 of Cups

Victorian Romantic

This is a late post, but I got the Six of Swords yesterday.  When I pulled it that morning, I’m not quite sure what it means.  I usually read this card as a physical travel or a transition of sorts.  But I wasn’t going anywhere since I’m working the whole day.

I just understood it when the day was over.  The companion book gave meanings of “going quietly through a transition” and “accepting a challenge without complaints”.  And that is what just happened at work.  I was assigned a case without having a second nurse, so I did pretty much everything on my own.  It was a start of something good.  Now I can do what I’m used to doing, without someone else getting under my skirt (LOL).

This is a really pretty image and I’m liking the companion book a lot.  The references to the paintings and artists are amazing.  I’m having more appreciation to arts!  Which brings my attention to buying Giclee prints.  Baba Studio has a lot of prints to sell but I can’t afford them all.  I can only dream.  But right now, I’m waiting for 3 prints from them.  I bought “The Lovers” print from the VR, the “Tarot Reader” print from the Baroque Bohemian Cats, and the “Strength” print from the Bohemian Gothic.  One from each will do me for now.  I’m excited to get them in hands soon!  I’m still pondering if I should frame them or not.  My walls are not big enough for them all.

Deck:  Victorian Romantic Tarot – MRP

A Beautiful Gift


A beautiful gift from Mafalda Serrano.

I received a greeting from Mafalda Serrano with this image attachment.  What a beautiful card!  It’s such a perfect card for the up-coming Christmas and New Year.  The girl looks so peaceful and ambitious.  It looks like she’s imagining what her future holds.  Daydreaming and hoping for the best.  It’s what everybody is feeling right now since it’s the last week of the year.  Very beautiful!

I’m going to receive my “Light of the Goddess Tarot” soon.  She emailed me about the delay and that she didn’t receive a notice about my purchase.  She was glad I e-mailed her, which brought the situation to her attention.  But now everything is resolved and the deck will be shipped tomorrow!  I’m really excited about this deck.  The sample pictures online was so intriguing.  It has a Victorian feel with a little religious/spiritual touch.  I will soon know what this deck will bring me.

Just for fun, I tried the online reading.  I asked, “How should I deal with my obsession?”.  And what did I get?  “Death”.  I think I’m really going to like this deck.  Very upfront!  I’m excited to see the companion LWB.  I haven’t checked it out, but I wonder if there’s a companion book for this.  I’m seriously intrigued by this one.

Good Luck

10 of Cups

Victorian Romantic

My Victorian Romantic Tarot is loving me too much. In three days that I’ve been using it, I’ve only been getting the good ones.  For today, I pulled the 9 of Cups.  I was so impressed!

The 9 of Cups has been appearing in my personal readings a couple of times lately.  I’m not complaining!  I’d rather get this than a depressing one.  In this card, we see a guy looking at his pitcher.  We don’t know if it’s full or empty, but he doesn’t seem to complain.  If it’s full, then he’s ready to pour it to his glass.  If it’s empty, then he will just ask for a refill (if he is in fact in a pub or restaurant).  In him, we see contentment and happiness in simpler aspects of life.  I’m reminded of the saying, “Don’t sweat the small stuff”.

Today, I was called by my new insurance agent telling me that there’s a problem with my old policy.  He said that a claim has been filed last September 16.  I wasn’t aware of any claims so I called the respective people to inquire about this incident.  Long story short, the insurance company doesn’t have enough information about the matter and the lady that I talked with said that it’s the first time that this thing has happened (a claims report after foreclosure).  She said that she will review it tonight and it’s possible that the case will be closed anyway.  With the image of the 9 of Cups, I am hopeful that they will let this go.  I have a feeling that I will have good luck on this one.

Almost every book will say this, but this card talks about a wish being fulfilled too.  Isn’t this the most beautiful and most sought-after card in the whole tarot deck?  It just makes me feel so safe and supported.  The last time I got this card, it was a reading about having an iPhone as a replacement to my Sony Ericsson.  That came out good because I’m really satisfied with this new cellphone… no bugs, no complaints!

Deck:  Victorian Romantic by Magic Realist Press

Missing the Fam

10 of Cups

Victorian Romantic

This card made me think of my family.  Christmas is just a few days away and it’s hard not to be homesick.  I actually forgot the last time I spent my Christmas and New Year with them.  I think it started when I migrated from the Philippines.  Ever since then, we always just communicate through text messages, emails and sometimes… video chats.

I called my relatives in Arizona and updated them of my new phone number. It’s been a year since I left Arizona and I actually miss my little cousins. They’re the cutest ever! LOL. My aunt sounds a little sickly, or maybe she’s just tired. She said she’s going to have surgery next month due to a mass in her uterus.  It’s so sad to hear this news because I know that they’ve been going through a lot as well.  Her husband is working out of state (Texas) because job opportunities in Phoenix is scarce right now.  They just had a foreclosure also (like me), but they’re trying to keep this other one that they have.  Life is tough.  Right now, if I would do a reading for them, I’m probably going to get the Wheel of Fortune (just my hunch).

So anyway, the 10 of Cups is really heart-warming.  It seems like this event is from a baptismal or a birthday.  It’s a big event for families and friends to be together.  The LWB talks about appreciation for the simpler things in life.  Sometimes we forget that we have a lot to be thankful for… families, friends, career, etc.  Now is the time to get in touch with them and show gratitude.

Deck:  Victorian Romantic by Magic Realist Press

All Fun

4 of Wands

Victorian Romantic

My first reading from the Victorian Romantic is one of my favorites… the 4 of Wands!

I have the Victorian Romantic Standard deck and I’m really liking it.  Just like my Bohemain Gothic deck, the card stock are made so perfectly.  Shuffling feels so magickal.  I think I’m definitely a fan of MRP from now on.  I mentioned it in my last post, but I will mention it again.  The customer service that I received from them by replacing a card from my Bohemian Gothic is amazing!  They sent me the replacement card without questions asked.  I was really satisfied.  Now I can love that deck even more.

Anyway, back to my reading.  In the 4 of Wands, I’m seeing a couple of stage performers.  They are obviously having a good time.  Two girls are dressed provocatively while one of them is wearing something conservative.  The companion book talked about seizing the moment whenever an opportunity comes.  In my understanding, it also talks about going against the norm.  In this picture, what is the norm?  Is the girl with the blue gown dressed more appropriate or is she defying the theme of their show?  Who knows?  All I know is she’s doing what she knows is right for her and she’s having fun.  The phrase/saying, “Life is too short” comes to my mind here.

Today’s events were very laid back.  I didn’t do any chores or worry about anything.  I went with the flow and hanged out with friends almost the whole day.  First, we had breakfast with a friend at Tahunga.  Then we went back at the apartment to read and chill out.  Then we were invited by some other friends to have dinner and watch DVD with them.  It was so relaxing.  Nothing beats a stress-free fun-filled weekend.

Deck:  Victorian Romantic Standard

More Incoming Mail

I enjoyed this day so much! It’s laid back, chill and things were flowing really good.

This morning, I received a couple more of my orders.

The first one was the “7 of Pentacles” Deviant Moon Giclee Print. As always, Patrick did a good job packaging my order. I really love that little witch in the picture. It’s cute and mysterious all at the same time.

The second package contains the “Tarot of the Pomegranate”. I opened it and I was surprised how beautiful her cards were. The major arcana cards are finished but the minors are still in progress. Along with the tarot cards and the silk bag, she also included a signed “Emperor” artwork. This made me really happy because the “Emperor” is my personality card. I’m going to have to find a frame for this little guy. I’m excited to receive the remaining cards… this will be a long journey but I’m willing to wait for them.

The third one has both the “Boltcutter Light” and “Boltcutter Dark” decks. These are limited copies from an independent design company and it was well received by the tarot community (Aeclectic). I have mixed feelings about these two decks. I’m not going to write a whole review but I’m just going to share my two cents. Personally, I don’t think the cards are flimsy and will not withstand any type of shuffling. The cards are also not uniformly cut. And if you look at the back design, the uneven cut are more obvious. The two decks came with organdy tarot bags, which I appreciate… but they both reek of cigarette smoke. It’s disgusting, considering that I’m buying them new. It’s really sad because I expected so much. I also noticed that they have used a lot of the same faces on some of the other cards. All the kings have the same face, they only differ in clothes and how long their beard is. It reminds me of “The Witch’s Tarot”. I think it was not well-thought out. Sigh. The only good thing about their deck is the beautiful artwork. I bought them for that reason and I guess, that satisfies me in some way. But as a studying and reading material, this might now be very useful to me.

And last but not the least… I finally received my “Bohemian Gothic – Hanged Man” replacement card. Alex Ukolov and Karen Mahony was so kind to find me this even though it’s out of print already. I’m ever so grateful for them for doing this. They also added a signed cover card, which was a really nice surprise. Now it feels like my deck is very personalized.

After today, I’m only just waiting for my other orders: “The Maroon Tarot”, “Light of the Goddess Tarot” and 3 Baba-Studio Tarot pouches… Hopefully they will all be here by Christmas. I’m also expecting some from my bf and parents, but I’m not sure if they will pull through… LOL.

Another Day

It’s so cool how these three cards seem to blend together.  The skies are all colored the same, like it’s all happening at the same time.  Here is synchronicity at play!

The Knave of Swords (renamed for Page) is the curious one.  She wants to know everything and has an inkling for knowledge and education.  She is a Knight-in-the-making.  The picture shows a lady holding a sword in her right hand, pointing downwards.  There is no threat in her way right now.  But she is scouting the field for any unsuspecting danger.

The Ace of Pentacle is here again.  Just last week, it showed up when I was using my Deviant Moon deck.  This card is about luck or a new opportunity relating to work and health.  As I have read in some books, it symbolizes a seed that will soon sprout.  In the background, we see a kingdom not far away.  I’m seeing this as a promise of stability if the pentacle is planted carefully and is nurtured well.

The 6 of Wands is a victory card.  A soldier is riding his horse with his people backing him up to show their support.  I like seeing this card… in fact, this might actually be one of my favorite cards in the whole tarot deck.  This and the four of wands (in any deck) are very comforting to my eyes.

This string of cards played really well in my work today.  I was given a chance to be more independent in my work area, my buddy-nurse is slowly giving me space… which I like.  The knave (or page) of swords is my continuous learning process.  I’m still in the orientation period anyway.  I noticed the energy of the six of wands when my colleagues started complimenting me.  It feels really good when co-workers acknowledge you for a job well done.  It brings my spirit up and makes my job a little less strenuous.

Deck:  Secret Tarot by Lo Scarabeo

Lady in Black

Queen of Wands - Secret Tarot

I’m using the Secret Tarot (LS) for this week.  I noticed that this deck has the same lady appearing in almost every card.  I wonder if the whole deck is a story about her.

My card for the day is The Queen of Wands.  I didn’t recognize her when I saw this picture because the card looks so mellow and stagnant.  I usually see the Queen of Wands as having a lively and confident personality.  But in this card, she’s pale and lifeless.  Her back is slouched like there is no confidence at all.

I’m guessing that this card is showing us the weakness or the vulnerability of the Queen of Wands.  Yes, she is powerful, experienced and a force to reckon with… but she has insecurities too.  So yes, she is a queen sitting in a throne with a lovely black gown but she’s not afraid to show that she’s human too.

Today, I was working with someone with a similar personality and experience.  Very bossy, in fact.  I knew that she was the person my card is talking about.  It’s funny how I can see these courts easily now in my environment.

On a side note:  My Tarot of Magical Forest (Taiwan Version) is finally here!  No deck has made me smile and laugh like this before.  It has such a huge impact on me.  Not only did this deck travel from LA to Phoenix and back… and now it’s here.  I like having decks with a story.  =D  It just adds appeal to them.  I can’t wait to use and study this deck.

Deck:  Secret Tarot by Lo Scrabeo

Christmas Shopping

The World - Secret Tarot

What a way to start Monday! The World!

This card is always a good sign about completing something. I’m currently finalizing my Christmas shopping for my family. The day is still early and I can still scout the mall for good finds. I already bought my sister a Juicy Couture bag and my mom a Shiseido Skin Care gift package both from Nordstrom. My dad is so hard to find a gift for, so I’m taking my time on that. I’ll probably end up buying him a wallet or something.  So hopefully, I could finish my shopping today!

I also got a few confirmations from my email today… a lot of my orders are being shipped today.  The Bolt Cutter Light and Dark decks are on their way!  Plus, my Tarot of Magical Forest will finally be shipped to the right address… that deck has been going back and forth LA and Phoenix for almost a month!  USPS can be somewhat weird at times.

The Victorian Romantic (shrink-wrapped/unopened) is also on its way.  I’m lucky to find a backup copy of this lovely deck!  I ordered it from e-bay and for a while there, I thought the seller was a bogus!  He doesn’t give quick updates which made me worry for a little bit.  But now, he confirmed that the package left today.

The Tarot of Prague 2nd Edition, on another hand, arrived today!  What a beautiful deck it is.  I’m happy to have found this in the tarot trading section.  It’s still new and unopened.  I noticed it has an extra card called Prudence.  It has similarities with the fool, but this card is about being more careful and mindful before taking a leap.  So far, I’m happy with it and I can’t wait to start using the whole deck.  If only I could find a companion book for it.

Deck:  Secret Tarot by Lo Scarabeo