Taking Control

Fey Tarot

9 of Pentacles - Fey Tarot

This morning, I got the 9 of Pentacles from the Fey Tarot. I’m amazed how I keep getting these nines. Just a few days ago, I got the wish card (9 of cups).  Now I feel lucky.

In this card, we see a fey sitting in her throne.  She is dressed elegantly and is adorned with beautiful trinkets.  While barely noticeable, there are two rings constricting her gown.  I’m thinking that this is about control even when everything seems to be affordable and doable.

There is a huge medallion hanging above her.  The engraving of the grapes symbolize fertility and abundance. This fey is obviously most comfortable in her situation right now.

The bird is resting steadily on top of her head.  It shows an amazing act of discipline.  Birds are hard to train and by looking at this picture, looks like the fey did a good job.

This card is telling me that I am in a good place right now, financially speaking.  It feels like I can buy anything and everything again.  But this doesn’t mean I have to.  Instead of spending the money recklessly, I have to be more careful.

Deck:  Fey Tarot by Riccardo Minetti


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